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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by whatanoob, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. I'm new here and new to growing.
    I have a spot thats very remote with 3 trail cams. I plan on raising 20 to 30 plants. Its near a stream. There are alot of trees around so I will have to cut down trees to get enough sunlight. I live in Southeastern United States so would it be possible to grwo year round? I plan on starting in March and growing until Setptember or October. Soil wise its around 6 here so Im just worried about the soils fertility and getting atleast 4 hours of direct sunlight in the woods. Oh and I have alot of gardening experience, just not this type of plant.
  2. Welcome to the city!

    im pretty sure you need more than 4 hrs. i raised mine with only 5 and they were a little embarrassing/stretched when young.
    what are the temps there year round? dont want them getting below 40
    you should probably buy soil not use what is there
  3. Thanks!
    Im trying to get atleast 6 hours of sunlight. Ideally 8 or more. As for soil, I have worm castings, compost and I will be buying some cow manure for soil. Alont with some natural fish fertilizer that I use for my personal garden. The lows in the winter at night get down to 20 or 30. Maybe 10 as the lowest of the lows. But in March it stays above 40-50 so I should be safe. And in Septemer and October it stays above 40 for sure.

    I have a question though. I will be growing AK 47 and White Rhino. I am new to the scene and was wondering which would be more rewarding to start off with? And would it take from a planting in March to September to fully mature and produce?
    Thanks guys hope to be around here for awhile!
  4. you definitely want to try to get as much light as possible growing outdoors. that helps a ton.
    and if it gets down to 32-34 degrees it can frost. anything under that is frost too but if itstays above 35 at night u can grow during that season.
  5. Ok I definately cant grow overwinter. Which of the 3 plants would be more noob friendly? AK47 or White Rhino?

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