Oh yea, just got some chicks number!

Discussion in 'General' started by Retroshark, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. so i met this young lady a couple of times in my building. shes pretty cute and we had a few conversations. we eventually realized we had class together, in fact, its the music of jimi hendrix class, so i knew she was chill. anyway, last thursday after class, me her and her budy smoked at my place which was dope.

    so tonight, i went out for a cigarette and i saw her outside. i said hey and sat down with her and her female friend. after chatting for a little we decided we should smoke before our class, and when i left, i told her to just sop by tomorrow, and she said ok, and then told me to take her number :cool:

    i had just smoked 3 or 4 party size bags from my vape with some sweet nightmare packed inside. yummmeeeeeehhhh :smoking:
  2. get on that haha
  3. i will. im just way outta the game, i broke up with my ex like 8 months ago, and ive just been chillin since then, kinda waiting to see if anyone of interest came along. idk how i feel about this chick. well see what its like tomorrow before class. if she comes all dolled up and lookin fine, ill know i did something right. everyones been telling me that since i let my hair grow into the 70's surfer style, and grown a beard, its apparantly a good thing. so, yea. ill report back on any possibly mating scenarios.
  4. Yeah... Get on it man...
  5. chicks dig turbo accords

  6. You got the words all wrong!
    It's "Get it on" not "get on it" .. ahhaha :smoking:
  7. wrong words indeed,,,, ''get it on'',, get on it ? fuck that/

    '' get in it'' thats the right word's !!!!!:cool:
  8. currently smoking with girl. she already coughed a shit load!
  9. lol dont let her see this thread
  10. nice going man. tell us what happens!

    gotta represent the city !!
  11. if she sees this thread... your through.:cool:
  12. Good luck man!
  13. You post on an internet forum while you're smoking with a girl you just met? Dude, get h te hell off and lay your mack down.

    Anyway, a Music of Jimi Hendrix Class? That is badass in ways I thought didn't exist.
  14. No shit dude don't let her see this thread...

    Anyways grow some balls and get on it!! :hello:
  15. lol you got her number so you made a thread about it :hello:
  16. ok ok, so i didnt have time to type this when i fgirst updated, but as i was typing that message, the girl was in the bathroom, because...

    ...she couldnt handle the roor, and yakked!! it was so nasty, i cant beleive it happened!

    im totally totally turned off now, thats the kind of image you never ever loose from your mind.
  17. would be funny if she finds this thread and changes her # lol
  18. LOL thats funny shit.... She puked from weed.. Did she just take too big of a bong hit or something??
  19. i mean, i guess? it wasnt that big.
  20. Why is it always about fucking chics? I mean, I don't know you and maybe you have other intentions but it just seems like its all about sex. I don't have a problem with it as long as the other person isn't out to get a relationship but I don't think guys take enough time to stop and think about the girl. I am not downing you man, I understand how it is I just think that people need to learn to be more considerate of the other persons feelings. Of course, if the old saying "All college chics are horny," is true, then I guess I am wrong.

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