oh, wait, slow down im gonna sprout - germination!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by howhigh, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. alright so i decided to test this growing thing out, and try and germinate some bagseeds i have, so from what i gathered, i did this:

    i saw this guy put his seeds in a cup of water, and they sprouted, so i put them in a cup of water, now im gonna wait

    also i read that you should keep it dark, so i put the cup in a drawer, to prevent any light from getting to them..

    is this good? or do i totally have it wrong?
  2. nice thread titel bud :D i hope i wasnt the only one who got it :D
  3. yeah i was thinking about that... it sounds really stupid if you have never listened to tenacious d
  4. You shouldn't have germinated me so hard. :D

    Sorry, I have nothing else to add, LOL.
  5. hahahaha no, ive only seen one of the show things on like hbo i think, but i only watched like 3 minutes, i was really excited about it though!
  6. unoit posted about this method at

    The way I do it is put some RO filtered water in a cup (3" or so), put the cup on my network hub (the thing gives off a decent amount of heat, it's always on, and it's got a flat top). I put a ski cap over the cup to keep it dark, and wait!

    Most it's taken me this way is 3 days, at least when I used viable seeds. Fastest was around 24hrs, but I left it in there to get the taproot a little bigger.
  7. "hell motherfuck- i mean, yes sir dean cane sir!"

    i have succesfully germinated 1 out of 4 of my seeds!! im soooo happy and excited, im gonna plant tomorrow, my lil baby gon' grow up all big and strong!

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