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Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. It's finally friekin' snowin' here. The boys love it of course. It makes me miss summer that much more. This weather makes me feel OLD! There could be one cool thing.......the bowling alley a block from here - with the big smooth parking lot that's empty at nite and the slick-ass tires on my car. HEE-HEE-HEE!!!!!!!!
  2. The weather here sucks big time! It's raining, sleeting and just plain screwed up. Our lights have been off for two hours and came back on abot 10 minutes ago..

    Winter time is here again!!!!!
  3. no snow here in Indiana. Colder than a witches tit, but no snow on the ground. Just got back from Dallas Sunday, nice down there this time of year. It was about 60-65 the whole time I was there. Got spoiled!! :)

  4. yeah well its cold and rainy now....i am in san antonio and watch out...its pretty chilly out

    but lord i do miss ohio in the fall and winter...south texas only has winter and

  5. Sweet ride!! You'll have your ass on that and your hair in the wind.......and I'll still be freezin' my ass off!! I'm jealous!!
  6. Shaved head, hmmm...........I can dig it!! OK, how 'bout yer face in the wind!!
  7. we got 9" of snow here... it sucks. only thing it was good for was getting me out of work (i do school lunch at papa john's... so no school = me getting to sleep in :D). now i just want it to go away. it's cold, and gets my feet all wet, lol. and seeing as how i don't have a car, this is a problem with me trying to get around :)
  8. Hey critter what type of bike is that??....from the sweep underneath of the sign it looks like a triumph badge, but the bike looks too new and with the odd shaped handle bars to be a triumph!! bro just bought a bsa...made in the u.k. and exported to the usa and then re-imported back to Scotland....i think it was something like a bsa silver something or other....he said it was only introduced for one year with the chrome speed dials on it......Peace out...Sid

  9. HIGH All, *LOL* go stonie go *LOL* I can see us O.F.F.F.ers hitting that big parking lot at night...I love throwing my truck around, side to side a couple 360's All while rolling a reefer. Have to watch out for Bud Head and his big green tractor though *LOL*.

    Have A Great Weekend I'm O.F.F.F. fishing soon.

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