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    i couldnt find an official thread for just horror, so ill make one.

    horror movies are my absolute favorite kinds of movies. i have a close circle of friends who all adore horror movies, i go to horror conventions twice a year and all that jazz.

    here we can talk about horror movies, post your collections, discuss remakes/sequals, complain about them (haha) and just anything related.

    here is my collection right now:


    close up:



    Frightfest Box Set:
    Horror Hotel,
    The Last Man On Earth,
    Dementia 13, The Terror,
    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,
    House on Haunted Hill,
    Night of the Living Dead,
    Nightmare Castle,
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde,
    Dawn of The Dead
    Night of the Living Dead tom savini remake with tony todd
    Day of the Dead
    Evil Dead
    Evil Dead 2
    Army of Darkness
    Bride of Reanimator
    Beyond Reanimator
    Dario Argento Box Set:
    The Card Player,
    Do You Like Hitchcock?,
    The Brood
    The Devils Rejects
    I Spit on Your Grave
    Cannibal Holocaust
    Planet Terror
    Children of the Corn
    Hellraiser 2
    The Hills Have Eyes
    Last House on The Left
    Sleepaway Camp
    Return to Sleepaway Camp
    Childs Play
    Childs Play box set:
    Childs play 2,
    Childs play 3,
    Bride of Chucky,
    Seed of Chucky
    Behind the Mask the Rise of Leslie Vernon
    My Bloody Valentine
    April Fools Day
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    Halloween 1-5
    Nightmare on Elm Street 1-7
    Near Dark
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    The Shining
    Basket Case
    Basket Case 2
    The Exorcist
    Jacobs Ladder
    House of 1000 Corpses

    and its still growing!

    mostly dvd, but i also have a bunch of VHS horrors, because i still collect vhs because they sell them for like a dollar each now.

    My favorite horror movie ever is Videodrome. but its followed closely by a LOT of movies haha.

    The director of Videodrome is also my favorite director, David Cronenberg, i love his movies Shivers, The Brood, Rabid, Videodrome, The Fly, Naked Lunch, etc. i also like wes craven, peter jackson, tobe hooper, sam raimi, george romero, rob zombie, john carpenter, dario argento, lucio fulci, don coscarelli, takashi miike.
  2. whats your top 10 or 20 favorites?

    im lookin for some good horror movies
  3. what kind are you looking for? slasher, exploitation, zombie?
  4. dude i love horror too. i have sooo many vhs's and a lot of dvd's

    my favorite has to be nightmare on elm street, cant beat it
  5. Nice thread, consider me a fan *thumbs-up*

    I've got Splinter, The Burrowers, and Martyrs on que for this week, I'll report back with thoughts.
  6. Oh you people like to watch Horror Movies ? Then watch Growing out movie. This is terrible. I am sure You will scared . So Don't watch it alone in dark.:bolt:
  7. bump! there have to be more horror fans out there.

    i recently added a couple movies to my collection, will update soon :D

    i also saw martys. ill write up a short review later!

    also if anyone wants to see any horror movies but wants to know what they're about, theres a good chance ive seen it and can help you out! just ask ;)
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    Waiting on Burrowers in the meantime...

    Of the films in your collection these are the ones I've yet to see.
    Sans NOES and CH(they're both staples, I'll see them regardless) any of them worth checking out?
  9. "Horror Hotel,
    The Last Man On Earth,
    Dementia 13, The Terror,
    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,
    Nightmare Castle, "

    those are all classics, black and white, its up to you if you want to check them out. if you're a fan of modern horror, slashers, exploitation etc, i wouldnt. but if you like horror in general and just the feeling of uneasiness, you should check them out.

    after that you listed reanimator. im surprised youve never seen it, its really really awesome. its about this man named herbert west who creates a liquid chemical that brings people back to life. i know it sounds kind of generic, but this is one of the best horror movies from that era. by that era i mean the horror comedies that were really kicking it during the vhs boom. you should also watch the sequels, as they're also really good. especially the end of bride of reanimator. this movie has so many awesome scenes where you're like 'oh shit' and 'that rules'

    i spit on your grave is a lot like last house on the left. your standard female led american exploitation. girl gets raped, extracts revenge. worth checking out, but a little boring, a little slow, and the kill scenes could be better.

    cannibal holocaust is a must see at least once, its exploitation to the max. a group of journalists go to the south american jungle to expose some cannibalistic tribes that have never come in contact with the outside world before. but when they get there they seem to be the real savages. lots of rape, murder, REAL animal murder, and plenty of other things to make you cringe. the director was arrested after the filming of the movie and its still banned in most countries.

    CHUD is cute, not much gore or anything but still entertaining. some great lead characters including the dad from home alone AND marve from home alone haha.

    Return to sleep away camp is good because although its the fourth movie, its actually supposed to be the second. the second and third movie were not made by the original director and sucked ass. the director came back to make this movie in the early 2000s but it just got released last year. if you liked the original, you'll love this.

    also this is a list of NMOES in my favorite order

    NMOES 1
    NMOES 3 the dream warriors
    NMOES 6 freddys dead
    NMOES 7 new nightmare
    NMOES 4 the dream master
    NMOES 5 the dream child
    NMOES 2 freddys revenge
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    I got CHILDREN OF the motherfuckin' CORN up for tonight and The Unborn is on-deck.

    Recently I put Martyrs, Frontier(s), The Burrowers, Splinter, and Severance(2nd Viewing), under my belt, and although I'm not going to go into detail about how they stack-up, I can faithfully say that Martyrs was hands-down the best. On the opposite side of things, the other French film, Frontier(s) was the absolute worst.
  11. that looks more like a poster for village or children of the damned. but i have children of the corn, pretty good, pretty cheesy.

    you thought frontiers was bad? that was a great movie. it was like the texas chainsaw massacre mixed with the hills have eyes. it was great. good headshot scene, scary looking children-abomination things. what about the kill with the saw? come on! that shit ruled. i also liked Martyrs, but i think Inside was my favorite of the three recent french movies ive seen. if you havent seen that one, you should.

    how was burrowers? i always pass it by.
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    The post in which I rank the French Imports(R-System: Left to Right):

    1. Haute Tension [H]
    2. Martyrs [M]
    3. Ils
    4. Inside [IN]
    5. Frontier(s) [F]

    Screenplay: [M]..[H]..[IN]....[F]

    Direction: *Tie*
    [H] and [M]....[IN]..[F]

    Cinematography: [H]..[M]....[IN]..[F]

    Protaginist(s): [H]..[M]..[IN]....[F]

    Antagonist(s): [H]....[M]..[IN]..[F]

    Originality: [M]..[M]..[M]..[M]..[H]

    Scare Factor: ..[M]..[IN]..[H]..[F]

    Gore Factor: [F]..[M]..[IN]..[H]..

    Disturbing/Unsettling Factor: [M]....[IN]..[H]..[F]

    Most "Horrifying" Kill(s): *Tie* 'Concentration Camp Cook-Out'[F] and 'I Believe this is Now Mine'[IN]..'Breakfast'[M]..'My Saw Doesn't Like Your Chest'[H].

    Single Most Gratuitous(and kind of cool) Kill: 'You Really should Lie Down if your Shoulder Hurts'[F]

    Best Kill: 'Tops Off'[H]
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    It was painfully derivative and contrived, nearly every single semi-inspired scene was lifted from a superior film. As far as the things in the basement, it didn't make sense and felt entirely superflous to me, just as the villians couldn't just be a family of blood-thirsty cannibals but a devout Neo-Nazi family of cannibals. The saw scene was pretty intense and as far as I'm concerned, that, and the boiler-room fiasco were the only two notable scenes in the film. I couldn't stand the direction either, minus a few scenes, it just looked and felt distractingly amateurish throughout.

    Inside is basically a modern-day grindhouse film. I just don't dig that type of movie, it's an intriguing premise but nothing interesting (IMO) is really done with it. Much like Frontier(s) (although it admittedly a much stronger effort) it honestly feels more concerned with trying to shock the audience rather than creating a coherent storyline and/or a sense of entertainment.

    I will say that despite my distaste for it as a whole, it admittedly has it has one of the creepiest shots I've ever seen on screen when the lead is looking through her peephole and all the viewer can make out is the dark silhouette.

    It's a slow burn and when I mean slow, I'm talking molasses here and it's arguable if the payoff is really even worth the wait. First thing you need to understand is that it's not a horror film, it's a period piece(dirty and grungy, in the vein of Deadwood) with elements of horror thrown-in to further the plot. While the director does a worthwhile job he has clearly has difficulties trying to balance the two genres and because of this the finale lacks the harrowing effect intended. That said, it's unquestionably above-average for a DTV entry but again, it's still a far cry from being a success.
  14. I attend comicons and horror conventions somewhat often.
    In September I'll be heading to Lexington, KY for the 2009 ScareFest Horror and Paranormal Convention. This will be my third US horror con for 2009 and likely my last. As much as I enjoy traveling, they can be somewhat expensive. I've already driven to Cleveland, Ohio for Cinema Wasteland and to Nashville, Tennessee for the The Nashville Full Moon Tatoos and Horror Fest. So it's been an AMAZING year.

    Driving to only Lexington for such an amazing festival is a total relief. I can spend more money toward memorabilia and autographs and not worry so much about gasexpenses. I have family in that area so thre is no need to rent a hotel. The guest list seems aimed toward fans of Rob Zombie's The Devils Rejects but there are plenty of other guests from a slew of Horror films.

    People I am looking forward to meeting and greeting:
    Dee Wallace (The Howling, Hills Have Eyes, Critters)
    Doug Bradley (Pinhead of Hellraiser fame)
    Ashley Laurence (Kirsty of Hellraiser fame)
    Danielle Harris (Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead)

    Even though I'm not shitting my pants in excitement for these guests I'll likely have each sign my 'Last Supper' The Devils Rejects poster. I have already a few sigs and it's by far the most signed piece of memorabilia I own:
    Priscilla Barnes (Police Academy films)
    Robert Kurtzman (FX Wizard, Wishmaster)
    Walter Phelan (Dr. Satan. Appears in Devils Rejects. Deleated Scene )
    Leslie Easterbrook (Three's Company)
    Lew Temple (Various Rob Zombie projects)

    By the way, I will be making my appearance on Saturday. I learned last year going on Friday was a huge mistake seeing a lot of the people I wanted to meet did not even fucking show!

    In recent years I've met:
    Ken Foree (Dawn of The Dead)
    Kane Hodder (Jason/Friday the 13th 8-10)
    Adam West (Batman)
    Kenny Baker (R2D2/Star Wars)
    Tom Savini (FX artist, praised as one of the greatest in the industry)
    John Rhys Davies (Gimli/Lord...Rings, Indiana Jones)
    Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface/Texas...Massacre)
    Bill Mosley (Otis/Devils Rejects)
    Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding/Devil's Rejects)
    William Forsythe (Rob Zombie's Halloween, Devils Rejects)
    Jason Mewes (Jay/Clerks, Dogma, Chasing Amy)
    Marilyn Burns (Sally/The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)

    Personal favs:
    Christina Lindberg (One Eye/Thriller, Swedish actress from the 70's)
    Reggie Bannister (Reggie/Phantasm 1-4)
    Angus Scrim (The Tall-man/Phantasm 1-4)
    Michael Baldwin (Mike/Phantasm, 3-4)
    ^^ I'm a huge "Phan" so meeting the cast of Phantasm was one of the more favorable conventions. Nothing as compared to that, other then meeting Christina, whom has never been to a U.S. convention. It was a first time for her and possibly last time so it was amazing opportunity. I drove to Cleveland (6 hours/12 hours total) just to meet her!

    Here is me and Mike (of Phantasm). I look like such a gaywad. I rarely smile for photos but I admit, I was totally smitten.

  15. [​IMG]

    IT was pretty good.
    the car
    blood diner
    i drink your blood
    the wizard of gore (both versions)
    and the FEAST trilogy, just because of the midgetry
  17. Ju-on was so scarey, it's the original Japanese version of The Grudge... soo scarey, heres the trailer: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFTlPGci8fk]YouTube - ju-on[/ame]
  18. Transformers 2 was horrifying.

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