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  1. this is about me and the freakin optometertrits! lucky for me my lenses are the 1 hr available ones. i somehow managed to break a pair of glasses into 3 pieces. i need them for seeing, and stuff :) they help alot when driving. so i go to the eye dr. with a 2 yr oldd in a stroller for over an hour.....so we get alllll done. i pay even,THEN they tell me sorry for me but their machines broke it will be later tonight or tomorow for my new glasses,(today) so im like krap but ok :) . so today they tell me probably friday. i was like "noway, that really really sucks i need them", "nothing at all they could do" the phone bitch said :).i told her i should get a discount she told me no. she said were only just lucky to get them in an hour,.i laughed an told her OH ok...then i said somthing in the bitchiest tone i have..(an i Can be a biatch) "do you have ANY idea how angry im going to be when you cash my check BEFORE get my glasses, that i was SUPPOSTO get in onehour" <-i laughed myselfe crying several times just thinnking how i said that....what kinda stupid thing was that for me to say.lol...like she CARES!!!!!, strrangly it felt kinda good...she then told me indeed it probably would be cashed before friday. as was custom :)
    ....yes my friends this is petty. but i was thinking like freakin 10% discount after all it really was fked up! waiting till i paid an everything.lol cha-CHING they were expensive
    i cant wait till i gotta go pick them up :eek:
    felt pretty good to laugh...."do you have ANY idea how angry im going to be when you cash my check BEFORE get my glasses,.......GHEESHE
  2. LoL let 'em have it girl! That's just bullshit if ya ask me. And you SHOULD have gotten a discount.
  3. ah stony,i really do love ya :)
    im going to ask again very nicely fridayfor a small discount.'acorse friday, which will again be a small problem 'cause its going to be raining..lol...one day i shall bop my husband for not adjusting my whiper moter. by aall thats holy maybe ill just fix the fu**er myself. right now im thinking....whiper moter.under the hood :) < im sure it just needs a little tweek...hhhm. i wonder where that little manual is that explained allll those pretty colored fuses and wires to me.
    anyhow it will be reallly nice to see again. im sure i will NOT get anysort of discount. and i know this particular office will NOT get a 237$ check for sexy specks from me EVER AGAIN. but i am looking forward to seeing again.
    i feel ever so much better now thanks girlie
  4. If that was one of thoise glasses in an hour type places, I would have them to give me a good discount or my glasses for free. You could sue for flse advertisement if they give you alot of hassel. Let me know if they give you BS and i'll send Goldberg up their to kick their ass for ya!!
    Now that would be a funny sight..
  5. yes that really really would. specially cause the girl giving me a hard time was right about the fact its not advertised as a one hour place its just a nice convieniance they have....thats why i said somthing retared like ..."im going to be really mad at you guys for cashing my check before.....bla,bla....it was nasty of them not to tell me there shit was broke, i would have literally went up the block and be wearing some freakin glassis rt now. :) an when i told her that,too,an then she was like sorry..:) want your $$ back? i told her no i wanted 3 hours back.
    this was my fun for the week. :rolleyes: i think its healthy.
  6. just put a stop on the check. then go to the guy down the road....if they got a problem?,send em to my place:D:D:D.
  7. Soo, didja get your sexy specs yet? AND the discount?
  8. gwd what a whiney B highawatha is :)
    well....i new i would NOT get a discount, hey i try to be pushy! and for the love of god this time i was right BUT after they said they would not be in on friday :rolleyes: (another phone bitch) i was right next door fri evening and couldnt hold myselfback....plus my husband was with me,an he's tall and very large.... so i asked this really cute guy if my glasses were done..< NO phone bitch here, *wink wink... after i told him my name he said "hhhm, YOUR name sounds familiar".ILL just bet they are"...and i was like "hhhm,ILL just bet my name does,"*wink" hehe im sure one of the phone girls mentioned me :)
    so now another CUTE guy comes out all smiley with my glasses, and now i know he knows and so-on.his whole purpose not to fit my glasses but to make me as embarassed as possible! sooooo nope no discount...justa red face and some ill fitting glasses :)
  9. oh critter, i just new it had to be you, to go diggin this ole thing up.

    p.s them glasses never did fit right.


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