Oh snap! Drank!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Axlegear, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Dewd. A friend of mine is coming down with some kinda respiratory infection (not sure what, waiting on labs) and got prescriped a liter of drank.

    Doubt any will be left, but I figured i'd post the results once she's downed some. prolly won't be as fun since she's actually sick as a dog. But the infamous purple drank is now something i've seen!
  2. Mmm, I like drank. I got some when I was sick, and I used half, saved half, and then asked for more, which they gave me. That's what she should do.
  3. Asking more after a liter? That will sound like drug-seeking behavior to most doctors, depending on the length of her illness.
  4. I suppose that's true. I didn't think about that. See, I had pneumonia and bronchitis and it lasted for three months. But if she's only sick for a little while, I guess that won't work. My bad.
  5. god damn if i had a pint i could sell it for like 600 here...drank costs SO much now, i know people that'll pay 100+ for 2oz
  6. yea man that shit is stupid especially when you can get a oc for 20$ that will fuck you up way harder
  7. That's just what I was thinking. I wouldn't compare it quite to OC since it's more sedative whereas OC is more of a rush; but for $100 for a deuce that would be like nothing to me, I can get (usually, hate junkies) enough Dilaudid to be comatose.

    $100 or more is a lot to be spending on something that's you're gonna do all yourself, it's pure economics, that's just a mad inflated price. I can only guess it's because it got so popular in TX Docs quit prescribing it so much.
  8. Why the fuck you would drink that shit? Go buy some OC or dope.

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