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  1. Just got in from smoking a joint and.nobodys home. Cool. Well than i go to my room close the.door.and all of a sudden i hear somebody slowly walking up the steps, a lil voice , than nothing. Im sitting here thinking oh my moms home but i looked out the window and nope NOBODY. I AM NOT TRIPPING. WTF. i dont wanna leave my room. I may call 911 cuz i can hear stepping right outside my room down the hall o fuck

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  2. If you're not trolling, someone is obviously in your house, OP.

    or maybe you're too high.
  3. get a weapon and go down pussy

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  4. Act like you are on the phone talking to the gun store..."Well look man, I bought the thing there, and I'm telling you...the clip is stuck in it, it is loaded and chambered and I can't engage the safety........What the hell do you mean find something to shoot? This will be the last 45 I buy from you guys."
    That'll get rid of them...
  5. No need to post, OP's most likely dead for posting on a forum that somebody's in his house instead of going to take care of it.
  6. I second this. 
    Brace up, grab something solid and go investigate. 
  7. also make noise so they no ur there like cough and shit

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  8. OP is currently getting sexually assaulted by a spirit that was in his home. Up the bum.
  9. lol its just the paranoia stemming from fear of getting caught. sometimes i hear little bumps in the night when im smoking and its usually nothing.
  10. the paranoia stemming from fear of getting caught is very real. I hate it. I'm always convinced my parent's are going to come in my room at 3am when I'm smoking, but sober they never come in my room...
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    This you OP?
  12. hahaha im the same way. i smoked in my room for years and never once have my parents came into my room at night while i was high or sober. but i still hear those weird creaks and bumps off in the distance and start to hide my shit lol.
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    Jesus Christ man. Fearjar youre by far the funniest dude on GC. No doubt about it man.
    I just calls it likes I sees it..lol
  15. you guys are being too rough on OP. Looking around my room, my resources for a weapon are a coke bottle, my guitar, or maybe my lizards glass tank. And a small resin scraping knife. A home intruder likely has a gun. <gun

    Op. You dead bro?
  16. u alive orrr?

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  17. Op is either dead or is in some guys basement being tortured
  18. Jesus man. In the right hands that's enough to fend off a small army. Of course you already knew that, didn't you? That's the difference between a fighter and a warrior son. You should do well in the octagon!
  19. Just put the damned lotion on OP!!! PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN!

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