"Oh shit, they know I'm stoned!" moments

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  1. So, I got back from smoking in the bathroom, (I didn't want to do it outside, the construction workers are out there), and I sat down at the computer. I then heard construction workers talking. Unfortunatley I was too sucked in to realize they're fucking voices were gradually getting louder and louder... Suddenly I look down to find my Rhoto Eyedrops (ice), and I see a fucking construction worker right next to me, working on the air vent or something. Here I am staring at him like a deer in the headlights, except with slits for eye holes, and The Wall playing in the background while his fractal covered Mozilla Firefox screen is in plain site. The construction worker began laughing at me. I proceeded to stare at him, give each eye a drop of eye drops, and run away.

    Here I am in my living room, scared as hell. That man can come back in a second, if he wants, and I'll startled as hell.

    Anyone have times like this?
  2. 4/20

    Teacher: Why are you so late?

    Me: Uhhhhh

    Teacher: ....:mad:
  3. Where were you at?
  4. do you live on the street
  5. LOL dude. :D
  6. Lol so..

    First I thought you were smoking at a construction cite, then I pictured you in a cubical with some guy crawling through the air vent, and some how you ended up at home on the couch?
  7. I live with the Resident Advisor of my dorm. Coming back so baked that I can't see straight is the greatest feeling in the world and it's not my fault that the 8th I just bought smells so dank. I tried telling her that weed isn't even a drug until lit on fire, then shit gets crazy.

    HAAAA so high right now, those 3 sentences took me 20 minutes to write:smoking:
  8. Me and my bro come to my moms at like 2 am after a good smoke sesh.

    Mom comes downstairs. Our eyes are red as fuck and we're goin to town on a couple sammiches.

    Mom: "Matt... are you high?"
    Me: (mouth full of sandwich) "mhm!"

    That's basically the first time my parents found out I smoked.
  9. ok so i use to blaze at a culdisac before school. now, this was a stupid spot, as it was in plain view (two of my friends actually got arrested there later on, nother story though). so anyways, that day, me and a friend were lighting up there, and a car drives by, sketchy, but no biggie. so that day in 2nd period, my english teacher, was comparing alcohol prohibiton to marijuana prohibition (keep in mind im still high), and said something like "ya, today people have to smoke marijuana in attics, or cellars...or at the end of streets". i couldnt believe i heard that, but i asked other people in the class and they confirmed it. then, later i asked the kid who i told the kid iwas blazing with about it and he was just like "ya i thought i saw her drive by" :eek: so ya, its chill that she didnt snitch or anything, but that was pretty weird.
  10. This is probably the only moment I've had a group of people know I was stoned. I was in gym class baked out of my mind. Got high like 8 minutes before class and I was right out of it. My class gathered and we were gonna stretch together. So my teacher looked to me and said to lead the stretching. So everyone looks my way and gets prepared to stretch. I'm thinking "Ah shiit!" I was soo stoned I couldn't remember any stretches off the top of my head. I had to get people to help me out and figure out what to do. Eventually got it going, and I made everyone do 25 pushups for fun. Funny hearing everyone moan at the exact same time.

    Another funny thing is I don't even think they thought I was stoned, probably just retarded. Definitely would of skipped that class if I was smart enough lol
  11. me and my friend smoked a joint and a cigarette. Suddenly he wants to go to his uncle's house to ask him for money. I say, "we are high as fuck and smell like smoke. let's do it later man". But he wants to anyway, so I say fuck it, and we go. The first thing he says when we walk in is, "have you guys been smoking pot? You really smell like pot right now."

    20 minutes later we were listening to bob marley, watching elmo at my friends uncle's house. He said it was for the new baby he had, but I knew there was only one reason why you would combine bob marley and elmo. he knew we were high lol
  12. This, minus the cubical
  13. Perfeeeect thread for yesterday. I apologize, I am god-awful at telling stories, and writing in general.

    I went over to a friends house to get stoned and go biking.. we left to go biking around 2 after fixing up a bike I was going to use. It had just showered, and the sun had just came out. We were biking down the trans-canada highway with cars flying towards us, it was the skitchiest moment of my life.. if I had a camera, I would win lots of moneeey for a picture from my view.. it was the most beautiful thing eeeever. anywaysnayways, we continued biking until we had to cross a bridge over the highway.. it was alll downhill from there, we followed some main road until we got to a fourwheeling trail... we followed the trail until we came to a spot we thought would be a good place to smoke our joint, we went over a hill, and to our amazement there was as random facking lake that wasnt even on google earth! we ended up coming across some crazy hut that kids must of built, we seshed the joint in there.. we turned on some tunes, and started skipping rocks.. UNTIL!!! well, we were super baked first of all, so paranoia was boundd to occur.. we heard like 5 fourwheelers coming towards the hill, we freaked the fuck out and packed all of our shit and ran.. it ended up just being two random good guys, the second we started talking to them they said "sooober as a whistle!"

    wtf? how did they know..

    after some awkward conversation with the people, we ended up peacing down the trail.. i was super high, almost too high.. I was having laugh attacks, and actually couldnt bike properly. We did get biking though, we biked for about 30 minutes before we came across our path.. it was.. flooded.. ... ... :mad:

    SOOO, we turned around and headed back the same way we came.. when we got to the main road, we started biking up some shitty hills., we were absoluteeely fried. We were biking on this straight-away, when 2 guys we knew fleeew by in a truck.. it was weird, earlier we were joking arounda bout how awkward it would be if somebody like them showed up, and it was exactly the people we were joking about.. they flew by us, it was such a relief.. but no, they fucking turned around and came flying behind us.. before we even looked at them, I heard one of them say "you guys are baked out of your fucking minds!!" This sucked because the guy I was with doesen't want anyone but me knowing that he still smokes, shiiiittty.. we ended up getting invited to a bon fire, but deecided not to go.

    everything that could of went wrong, went wrong.. it was still fun though.

    if you wanna have fun when you get baked, plan adventures.
  14. A few weeks ago I was spending the weekend at my parents house and I had just got home from smoking with a few buddies. We had just smoked 2 blunts of headies so I was high as hell. I had a seroius case of the munchies so I went downstairs to get some food. After whipping some hot dogs I tried to take them upstairs to my room b/c Trailer Park Boys was coming on.
    Both of my parents were downstairs watching TV so I had to sneak the food past them b/c they dont like for people to eat upstairs (they have spent alot of time getting stains out of the carpet). Well me being stoned, I thought I could hide the plate on my side as I walked by and get upstairs without being noticed. Right when I walked past them they called me on it and told me to get back in the kitchen but I pretended like I had no food (even though it was in plain site) and walked straight to the bathroom.
    They kept yelling at me to come on out and go back into the kitchen but I still played innocent and proceeded to eat the hot dogs in the bathroom.
    Then my dad was like "I cant believe hes eating in the bathroom" to my mom and they started talking about me like I was crazy. I finished the hot dogs and came out the bathroom and told them I didnt know what they were talking about. But then my dad got up and pointed out the spilled ketchup that dripped onto the floor. Then he just looked at me and shook his head. He had to know I was baked b/c he used to be a pothead himself and still smokes from time to time (he thinks I dont know)
  15. what do u mean u made everyone do 25 push ups? i would be like fuck that
  16. Lol @ eating your hotdogs in the bathroom to keep your lie going.
  17. AHHHHAHAHAHAHA. So funny....

    you were too high bro lol :smoking:
  18. Dude it's gym class man. Idk my teacher told me to lead, so I told them to do pushups and they did. If I could of redone that moment I would of said 50.
  19. LOOOL!! dude

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