Oh shit son... Its poppin...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. My homies girl almost got raped by one of our own homies.

    Shes 3 months pregnant.

    And i was there when it happened.

    And it happened about 2 months ago.

    And we jus found out today.

    Shits bout to be poppin son...
  2. wait the person who raped her got her pregnant?
  3. I thought friday was poppin.
  4. i'm confused but i'm sure someone is in for some shit.
  5. Lmao at this thread :D (sorry I know the topic is quite serious)
  6. I dont want to say much names cuz this shit is gon get serious.

    But my homie M is going out with Lil kimmie right. He got her pregnant. M is my homie, One of my best homies, Knew him for years.

    Now we was over M's crib one day, Smokin, Drankin, Same ol same ol.

    This ***** TJ needed to go to court, So my ***** M took him to court and told me to watch over things while hes gone.

    Well lil kimmie went downstairs for some reason. Then like 20 seconds later this ***** solis went down stairs. I was fucked up and everything, Took me a minute to realize somethings fucked up there.

    So i went downstairs. And solis was on his celly and kimmie was lookin out the window. Kimmie looked kinda scared and solis looked mad paranoid. But it didnt register anything was wrong.

    The day went on, M came back, We all partyed and shit was straight.

    We all did the same shit for a couple months after.

    Now today, I get a call from my ***** M. He says lil kimmie almost got raped by solis.

    He said remeber that day i took TJ to court. Lil kimmie went downstairs to go to the bathroom, When she opened the door solis was standing in front of it, He taclked her, Covered her mouth with his hand and unbuttoned her pants and got them down to her hips. She bit his finger and slapped him and he heard footsteps and got up. Ran to the front room and got on his celly.

    Now it all makes sense right.

    This is about to get serious real quick.

    We dont take kindly to that typea shit.

    Exspecially since solis and M been boys for about 9 years.

    Shits poppin.
  7. damn. that's fucked up.

    let us know what happens.
  8. tis fucked up indeed.
  9. Damn dude, keep us posted.
    Just curious to how it turns out.
  10. Thats All On You,,,Werent u Supposed to be watching over shit...and if the dude tryed to rape the girl..don't you think shes run downstairs and tell you?or was she the keep to hereself type?
  11. It aient all on me, I was watchin over shit so his crib aient get ransacked. Shiet. She kept the whole thing to herself because, I dotn even know why....

    But im bout to get buck...

    Travel into the mind of a maniac, Doomed to be a killa since i came out the nutsack...
  12. rape is a fucked up subject to speak on.

    id rape his mom while his sister video tapes it then make copies and sell them to my ppl.

    then id fuck him up
  13. damn ***** fuck his shit up...that is how its gotta go down fuck him up
  14. Hope that bitch gets tought a lesson and I'm not talking about a simple kick to the teeth and its even. I hate rapists.
  15. damn man, that is fucked up. i'm sure he'll get his pretty soon huh?
  16. KSR, are you black or white?
  17. Hes got roots, regardless.
  18. i know this huge kid that raped this girl i knew when we were in like 7th grade. he was in like 10th. i think he still is...fucking bum, man.
    anyway, that guy should get his just like this fat fuck did.
  19. KSR is white (believe it or not :p)

    Big up to that ho for defending herself like that...

    Lol :D
  20. The bigger question is, why the hell does this matter, and why does it keep coming up? Who gives fuck what color his skin is, he's a damn person. Give it up.:confused:

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