Oh SHIT, My Boss Is Going to KILL ME, I Killed His Duck

Discussion in 'General' started by whiskey, Feb 19, 2009.

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    My boss just left for lunch and he has these beautiful wooden ducks all over the office. There is one, it's my favorite, it's large and just beautiful, I think hand painting and probably numbered...

    I just broke its head off.

    He's really a chill guy, but shit, I'm so scared. I don't want him to come back. Should I call him at home or wait until he gets here?

    I know I'm going to have to at least pay for it to be repaired.

  2. hmm. how did you break it? could you have slipped and bumped what ever it was on, making it fall and break?

    or did you straight up take that things head off?

    and i wouldnt bug the man about a wooden duck. Im sure he likes them, but i dont think he will come back to work any sooner if you tell him you broke it. I would wait till he got back.

    Just look hella cute, puppy dog eyes that shit.
  3. The crime scene is now posted above.

    I just bumped into it and it fell off the table and it's head came off, there was no purposeful decapitation on my part.

    I am working on the puppy eyes right now, hoping for tears and if he's not mad at me, I'm going to tell him: "I was going to fix it, but I couldn't find any duct tape." ahaha. He'll think that's funny.
  4. Ouch, how much longer until he is suppose to be back?

    You should just run to a hardware store and get some wood glue if there is time.
  5. No time, 15 minutes. I've looked around for glue and was going to glue it, but if he knows someone who can repair it, I think it's better to let a pro do it.

    He has knocked the heads off other ducks before, however, this one is numbered. But banged up when I look at it closely.

    He may not care, but I'm sure he's going to tease me to tears. I'm hoping he doesn't care, it was an accident.
  6. You could always just put the head back on the duck so if he knocks it off its his fault!
  7. Yeah, I'd just tell him what happened, he seems like a cool guy.

    I think it's better to tell him in person, and if he asks why you didn't call him, just tell him that.
  8. It doesn't say Ducks Unlimited on it anywhere does it?

    If not, you're pretty safe. If it does though, oh it's a different story :D.
  9. The head won't stay on the duck, when I try to put it back on. The break is VERY clean and I don't want to fuck around with either part to ruin it when it gets put back together.

    Any minute now. I can't believe I'm a murderer.

    I'm going to convince myself that this is fine and maybe it will be.
  10. Take it out to your car and put it in the trunk. If he asks you about it, just give him an innocent look and be like "Whaaa? You had ducks in there?
  11. It was all an accident, i dont think you got anything to worry about.

  12. oh my god it does.
    Holy shit. I'm actually going to cry.

  13. LOL I think it's too late now, Norcal has made me scared. I fucking knew it.
    If I never return, tonight, he's killed me.
  14. Just light one up and chill. All of your problems will go away then.:smoke:
  15. I'm at work, where am I supposed to get some bud?
  16. Well, if it is banged up it must not be one of his expensive ones.

    The expensive ones are kept in cases to prevent these kinds of things, trust me :).

    You should be fine. It probably isn't a low number and is ~$30-50.

    Some can reach $200-400 easily.
  17. Whoa... I just looked it up and the name Unlimited Ducks is kinda misleading. Apparently they are limited and each year they have a different one. I found one that kinda looks like that and its 160 bucks.
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    It is numbered and it says Ducks Unlimited, Inc. It's numbered and from 1981, number 544 out of 1500. I'm going to have to look this up right now. I swear I have seconds until he gets back.

    Fuck me.

    NEVERMIND, it was about a gun, not a wooden duck. Forget my hysteria.
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    whiskey, whiskey... You're drinking too much! :p

    don't worry about it, It just a wooden duck.

    oh, its those limited ducks. Eh, you said your boss knocked those things over so don't worry bout it. just tell it was an accident.
  20. Is he a hunter?

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