"Oh.. SHIT" moments.

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  1. You ever have something happen when your high thats just so incredible at the time and crazy that you just say oh shit...

    Heres mine: One time while i was smoking with some friends we decided to walk up the street to the mcdonalds for food. we are like half way there and this car slides past us, flips over 2 times and hits 2 other cars. we were both super high and were just like "oh shit":eek:
  2. Yea, I had smoked a bowl with a friend and we were on our way to a buddies house and we were on the interstate. About to get onto a bridge, when a car in front of us, an 18 wheeler jackknifed and almost flipped, ended up slamming into the wall. My brakes were shitty, and I had that shit to the floor, and my e-brake going. The car in front of me barely stopped in time and I was like 2 feet from hitting them by the time I stopped. I called 911 to report the accident, and as it turns out the dudes in the 18 wheeler hopped out no problem. There were about 10 cars in front of them that were all smashed up though. Shit was intense.
  3. well, this is nothing like yours but here goes...

    one time me and my friends were high as fuck driving around on country roads by where i used to live. We were lighting fireworks (like little firecrackers or whatever) and just throwing them out the window for fun. I know it may sound stupid to some of you but oh well. anyways so we had one very big firework that was supposed to be stuck in the ground and launched.. so of course we stick it out the window and light it. It takes off filling the car with smoke and then we see it fly into a feed lot (we didnt know it was there, we were high and it was dark out) and all we see is cows running from the light and cows are mooing their asses off! all 4 of us in the car at the same time "oh shiiiiit!" haha we laughed our asses off. now go ahead and hate on me :D
  4. i lol'd
  5. yeah well...on my way out here to oregon my friend and i were driving i took a nap cause we drove 27 hrs straight to az. well in texas my friend wakes me up and looks at me and goes dude, i think were gettin pulled over..look behind us sure enough theres a cop with his lights on...we had about 10 grams of weed in the car...but that wasnt the oh shit moment. the oh shit moment was when i realized it was a k9 unit....well we got luckyand just got a $2200 ticket. coulda gone to jail. thank god there are still some decent cops out there
  6. I was taking a 1/2 lb of bud to a customer. While we were driving, I saw red and blue lights coming from the back. I started to pour sweat, and literally starting shaking. I pulled over, took a couple of breaths and then got ready for the cop to approach me. When from the backseat I hear

    "Dude, why the hell are we stopping"

    I say " Ummm, did you not see the flashing red and blues?"

    My friend " Thats my pacifier raver necklace"

    I then turned around, ripped it off her neck and threw it out of the window as hard as I could.
  7. Shit I hope that was a typo
  8. Watched a corvette get ripped to shreds in front of me. I was blazed as fuck, and it was like 8 in the morning, the day after me and a couple of friends dropped some cid. We were going to get breakfest, when a suv came out of no where and hit the corvette going through the light in front of us.

    It might have been the cid and weed and no sleep combo, but it almost seemed like the fiberglass rippled on the back corner where it was hit, then just exploded.

    All 3 of us yelled Oh shit at the exact same moment, we had to call 911, and got out to help if we could, when the cops got there, all of our pupils were still kinda dialated, it was weird talking to the cops high as balls, and not getting in trouble.
  9. It was a half pound, that sounds about right :wave:
    Lucky your not sitting in prison right about now :smoke:
  10. After vaping some good bud and eating some firecrackers.

    I was banging this incredibly hot chick and in the middle of a hot session, she turns over and asks me "Will you put a diaper on me, papi?"

    I promptly :bolt:

    And "lost" her number.
  11. It was me and three other girls in the car, in the middle of the night, at a park. We were hotboxing my car then all of a sudden the cops circled us. We thought we were screwed. Bascially the most scary cop incident that has ever happened to me. We were BAKED :smoke:. Luckily, the cop just circled us then left the park. Wtf
  12. How does one female 'bang' another?
    curious :confused:

  13. That would be a question to ask in my thread.;)

    ask your mom....
  14. well this one time.... i was high.... and beating my dick... and i hurd my mom walking up the stairs.

    "Oh.. SHIT":eek:
  15. Okay so me and a few buddies are riding around the back roads at night, and we see a car maybe 300 yards in front of us that swerves, stops then keeps going. We approach the spot and there is a pulverized deer in the middle of the road, still alive, but dying quickly. The car in front of us obviously hit it and kept going. We pull off the road to check it out and there was smashed plastic all around from headlights and whatever else breaking. So a car behind us stops as well and out comes a butch looking lady in cargo army pants and a tank top. She looks at the deer then back at us and says, "You guys got a knife." We were like "What?" Kind of flabbergasted that she asked that. She goes back to her car gets an knife and mounts the dying deer. Then she says half jokingly, but serious nonetheless "Don't worry if you here any hollering" as shes sawing the shit out of the deer's neck to put it out of its misery. We slowly got back in the car as shes still doing work on the deer. We couldn't even compute what happened until a while after, it was so odd...so, so, odd.
  16. Around junior year four of us were cruising around and we drive up to a party and start drinking. We got our D.D. to take us to get fireworks. My associates buy a couple black cats, roman candles, etc. I'm pretty high and buzzin from the shots i took and i buy one of those cannon things that you set on the ground and drop in the actual firework and light it and it shoots in the air. We drove around a little and i get the bright idea to shoot it out of the car, the D.D. gets first turn because hes a champ you know, then front passenger, then my friend, and finally me. They all shoot theirs without a flaw, perfect shot into the midnight air. I load mine up and roll the window down and get ready, i light it, hold it out the window, BOOM i get hit in the leg by what feels like a beer can being thrown at me from nolan ryan in his prime. I look at the cannon thing and it's just this tube, no base. It took eme a coupld seconds to realize what had happened and i finally said, it a a pretty mellow voice "ohhh shittt"
  17. I was working at lilttle ceasers at the time, opening on a sunday. I was working with one other guy, lets call him C. So we show up for are shift, and C starts rolling a joint right away, telling me we have to get high.

    So we open the store, and go to the back and open the door, step out and light up. Taking turns to step inside and check if theres customers. C passes the joint to me, steps inside, and within seconds sticks his head out the door and yells "BOBS HERE!"(Bob was my boss at the time, and the only person who cared if we smoked pot at work.)" OH SHIT!!"

    I flip out, high, thinking im about to get busted for smoking pot at work, get fired and shit. I but out the joint, and with out even looking go to the bathroom to spray my self. I get out the bathroom and C is laughing his ass off. Bob was not there, C just said he was to trip me out, fucker.

    Ok there's one more stoy:

    Me and my mom decided to go on a road trip to are home town, about a 7 hrs drive. We have a good weekend, and its time to head back. She meets me, in my car, at my dad's place(where I stayed for the weekend) We decided to smoke a joint before hitting the road.

    Nice and High, I jump into the passenger seat and tell my mom to drive( I hate driving stoned) Where on are way out of town, following this car, out of no where the guy in front of us brakes. Im thinking: "Oh Shit!" My a.b.s goes off, and we slide to a stop about 1/2" away from buddies bumper.

    Almost shit my pants, mostly cause I just fucking totaled my other car about 3 months before it happen, and was supper scared of loosing another car.

    Those are the only two I can think of at the moment:smoke::smoke:
  18. What just happened here
  19. sadly i am not, those fucking texans man. fuck texas.
  20. About a year ago me and my family were traveling around Europe. I had bought a quarter from a guy while staying in Germany about a week before we went to France. The morning before we drove into France i smoked a joint and put the weed back into my pocket.

    As we were driving up to the border we get stopped (to get our passports checked.) I suddenly remember that i have weed on me and I'm just thinking "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit"

    Fortunately the guy just looked at the passports and told us to move along, needless to say I rolled a nice fatty when i got to the house we were staying in.

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