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Oh shit! Moments

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rifefir, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I'm really high. I could just picture that. Two stoners sitting on a log. They just get up and take the fuck off into the woods. One with a sack and one with a bong in his hand running like a bat out of hell. Look back and see two cops on their lunch break taking a walk. They never noticed. Lol. :D

  2. Haha Thats how it happened ... I find it really funny looking back at it :D
  3. If u look at other profile before I got banned I got pulled over and the cop took a hit funniest shit the thread somewhere Idk some where in seasoned timers.
  4. The one and only time I saw police lights fire up behind me right after I was done burning a joint. I knew it was GG, but thank god for being a minor when it happened.
  5. don't you die on me.
  6. A friend of mine lit his hand on fire when we were smoking one time.
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    Me and some friends were in his car going down 35E im in the back with 4 other kids we were in a ford excursion or w.e.. but we were in traffic and hitting are bolws and we rolled down the windows to let the smoke out, i mean this was like after an hour of 6 bowls going off we had to get the smoke out....:smoke:

    but there was a state trooper a car behind us...

    *he trund on all his lights and everything so we pull off in to a MC donalds parking lot* oh shit :smoking:
    as we were taking the corner i threw my bowl and 2 others out the window hoping they would break, the other 2 broke all mine did was chip.

    *So he gets out of his car and walks over and picks it up* FML

    He comes over and gives me my bowl back....:eek: and says have fun....:eek:

    Turns out we had a burnt out tail light.... :rolleyes:
  8. Yesterday, I took my mom's truck down to the community gym parking lot a lit up a nice casual joint for myself in a grass field that was across from the parking lot. I wasn't in plain view or anything.

    For some reason, 3/4th's done with my joint and I feel like something is wrong. I put the joint out, walk back out onto the sidewalk and see some bitchy looking mom and daughter with her windows down sitting at a stop sign, Obviously looking for where the smell is coming from. She sees me, not looking very suspicious at all, and turns into her neighborhood but stays at the next stop sign still watching me. I figured she was either calling the police or something so I was like shit and got into my car and drove home. She then has the nerve to try to follow me home too, and luckily she loses me. Few minutes later I hear cop sirens go off near the road I was smoking on.

    Went inside and played call of duty while pretty baked lol. Nothing happened.
  9. Last night I was in Mcdonalds drivethru at about 1 am on my way home from work. They were taking forever so I packed and hit my onehitter. as i exhaled, I looked into the mirror and saw a cop pulling away from the order box behind me. I quickly stashed my shit and he didn't notice anything

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