oh shit... im drunk

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. well blades i did it again. i just went out and smoked a bowl less then an hour ago got buzzed (noticed a severe tollerence increase latley) and decided i was gonna drink. i have vodka left out of a free bottle given to me. i decided to drink some. im now quite drunk and im not even feeling all of what i drank yet... id say prolly 7 oz's of vodka in about 5 mins. its 120 proof shit.

    well since im kinda high (ill smoke another bowl befroe bed) and deffinatley drunk (starting to feel it the more i type) i just realized i have to have dinner with dad and his gf. not that i really care cuz he knows bout me smoking and doesnt care and if he questions me being drunk ill say i got a dime of some strong shit and got all weird off it. he doestn care bout that either since ive drank with him befoe i just dont think hed be happy since its a school night

    i dont quite know why im posting this but i haent posted much in the past few days and decided id post my night so far :smoke:. i cant bealive i smoked almost the intre bag i bought on friday. i bought a quarter of some good KB on friday and its almost all gone... shit... pay day is thursday.. almost time to re-up.... haha

    i love pot and booze :smoke: :hippie:
  2. haha sounds like ur havin a good time man,smoke a bowl for me becuas ei cant smoke right now:eek:
  3. damn dude that sucks.. im about to go do that just for you... hahaha... that and im drunk enough

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