Oh shit I just realized....

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  1. If/when cali legalizes it, people will start buying ALOT of weed in stores and transporting it to other states.

    You can't tell me a few people won't get that idea and then put it into action.

    Goddamnit, I hope that doesn't happen or if it does, it won't ruin everything....
  2. hmmm, can't wait to see some rediculous interstate traffic laws come from all of this
  3. Just one more incentive for federal legalization.
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they'll tighten their interstate traveling belts.
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    Nice. Clever thought. And likely true. Especially border towns.

    It will either force other states to legalize.....or for Interstate enforcement rules. The latter will likely happen to some extent, and waste shit-tons of money, accomplishing absolutely nothing.

    Hopefully when CA legalizes it, it will just get contagious.......instead of being contained....

    But however, it won't be anything new. States with legalized medical Marijuana are already shipping about to non-medical people. Just like many states have accepted the medical marijuana laws, in very rapid succession, so do I think many states will accept legalized MJ as well.

    The very fact that the best plant on the planet......period, is illegal to grow or use...........is a huge fail on the government, society, and humanity as a whole.

    Legalization will have it's problems, but I see 50 year from now, it will be no more daunting than simple alcohol sales.
  6. Legalizing weed is like opening pandora's box it could go great it could go terrible who knows
  7. Nah, it will go exactly like legalizing alcohol.

    Cept, instead of unleashing a bunch of legal pissed off stumbling people, instead you'll unleash a legion of tree loving, driving 10 miles per hour below the speed limit people :)
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    Would a person be aloud to purchase more than one ounce at a time?

    EDIT: I guess one could go to different stores to purchase... So I answered my own question :)
  9. Hopefully it causes the price to go down, and the quality to go up elsewhere.
  10. probably no different than the people that are traveling to the medical clinics (aka legal dope houses) in Florida, and bringing the scripts over state boarders for distribution..
  11. from what i've heard..your only allowed one ounce..and if you buy from differnt stores..be prepared to keep all those store reciepts unless ur down to go to county for a little bit and pocket out a few hundees out

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