oh shit, everybody panic!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, May 24, 2006.

    :pANICING: :bolt:


  2. <-----not panicing, infact im happy...the earth needs a cleansing. :p
  3. God im not worried at all. Theirs always some disease in fucking sumatra or some poor backwater overpopulated country that threatens my middle class american existance, but they never deliver. So until SuperAIDSpox flu hits montgomery county im just gonna keep getn high.
  4. just to clarify- my post was sarcastic.

  5. I love Indonesia.
  6. Will someone please think about the children!!!!
  7. i think theyre....annoying.

  8. Thank you... scooby.
  9. shit,
    we got these fucking meteors that could hit us on the 25th and now we got this fucking bird flu to deal with to.

    jeez god, can't you take it easy on us already?
  10. Fuck these backwater third world Asians. All they do is cause disease and overpopulate the goddamn planet. I mean, when was the last time a third world Indonesian was the cause of a tax exemption? Or how about the last time they did, well...anything productive? Their chickens are putrid and filled with H5N1 and we don't want them.

  11. uh huh :smoke:
  12. Anybody remember Sars? Im sure this will turn out to be another joke that everyone freaks out about for the first bit.
  13. i didnt care about SARS either

    seen the south park episode?
    Stanley, only 98% of us will live

    lol and the cure was uhhhh shit.... pop and soup or something
  14. haha, i think the bird flu is a little bit more serious....or hat least has the potential to be more serious than sars.

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