Oh shit, am I going crazy

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. I think I fucked up my brain. I'll just be sitting around doing nothing and i'll get halla fucking scared and start tripping and the tracers get really bad. Oh yeah, and I have tracers all the fucking time. Do you guys think it will get better or am I doomed to go fucking psyco? :(

    I read somewhere if you OD on shrooms you could have possble psychosis what the fuck does that mean?
  2. There's a name for that but I honestly can't remember what it is. it definetly has something to do with something you took, you're not just going crazy. I doubt it's permanent but if it continues for a while I strongly suggest you see a doctor. I never heard of it being triggered by mushrooms alone, it seems to be more common to MDMA. I, however, am no expert so take what I say with a little grain of salt please. Good luck, good karma, and lemme know what heppens. :)
  3. shit man..I told you you'd go kookoo...just drink lots of pickle juice and sassafrass cola.
  4. I've never done E, just shrooms pot and opium.
    I really hope that stops happening.
  5. Seriously Nubby what's wrong with me?
  6. i couldn't tell you for sure...but just lay off the boomslogs for a while and dont have any shroom binges...
  7. What the hell is a boomslog?
  8. mushrooms..i apologize for no \t explaining my shroom talk
  9. pickle juice is for the Eagles.

    Girlie, Im not sure if this relates to you, but I sometimes can look at something and see it "wave" slightly shift, etc..very little though, but it is apparent. other than that I sometimes will see little shooting specks occasionsionally, but this appears randomly, and not that often. I guess more often than other people, but it doesnt happen all the time. Ive taken my fair share of trips and e..but these things dont bother me all that much. I even will sometimes really try to keep the rug shifting just to see how long it lasts. but not long..not at all..I was never concerned, I never really thought about it until, well, now..I dont think though its as bad as what you are describing. have you tripped recently or a lot lately? If this is a concern that you are truely worried about Id take it to a doctor.
  10. Thanks for the interpretation Nubbin, I'm never eating "boomslogs" again.

    I haven't eaten them since I trippe dfor all those days and I just have not felt right since. It's kind of hard to describe but Last night and today i've been having like little kind of panic attacks because I start trippin out and I can't rememger what thinking is supposed to be like and shit like that. I feel like i've been a fucking zombie for a month.

    Shit moves when I look at it too SEnsi and the tracers have never gone away since the last day. My fingers and muscles twitch too.

    I can make pretty much anything move when I look at it. All this wasn't really neccearily a bad thinhg until two days ago when the litle anxiety trip things happen.
  11. Oh my god, see look AT that shit, I don't even make sense anymore.

    I would go see a doctor but can't be like hey dad I need to go see a fucking shrink because I ate an ass load of mushrooms a couple weeks aogo and I fucked u my head and I think i'm going stark raving fucking crazy.
  12. you can go to a medical clinic and tell them whats up and that you are not in a position to tell your parents

    unless things have changed in the last 8 years...

    this is what I did when I was 16 and thought I was pregnant and they didn't call my mother

    if you're having all those symptoms, especially twitching or numbness I would get my ass to a doc...

    good luck, let us know what happens
  13. mushrooms wont make you crazy.. they CANT make you crazy, unless you have a psychotic break (you didnt, because you arent psychotic).. just lay of the mush for a while, thats all

    maybe youve been having flashblacks or something
  14. It's not exactly twitching, my finger just kind of do a lttle shaky thing. ANd the only place I feel nunb is my head.
  15. I thought you could only have flashbacks from acid.

    Are you positive they can't make you lip you flid PP?
  16. I would go see the fam doc or just whoever you go to when you know, you got a cold, or not feeling well..just tell dad its about that, or even something like a girl thing, then Im sure like most dads wont second question that..
    sometimes I need to give my entire body and mind a break from everything. smoking, drinking, everything, I just eat right and do all that you know, good shit..get myself back together..Id start with these two things..help yourself here..and about the anxiety thing, I would tell the doctor that as well..I actually was so wound up about worrying about anxeity, I actually had a panic attack. in all seriousness if you are straight right now and having these feelings I would go see a doctor as soon as possible. I wouldnt put this off..
  17. Could it be the weed? Ihave only gotton really freaked out the last two days when i've been stoned, good pot maybe. I'm scared to go to the doc becaues I know if I ask my dad about going i'll start crying and I wont be able to say anything, plus my dad always goes with me.
  18. yeah you can have flashbacks from any intense experience.. i wouldnt see anyone right away.. give it a couple months, and if things arent better at all THEN see a doctor.. shrooms wont make you crazy or do any permanent damage unless youre doing heroic doses like every day or something
  19. I think that's what i'm gonna end up doing, but I really hope it goes away soon because it's not pleasant.

    Lesson learned: DONOT FRY BALLS FIVE DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!!!

    I only ate enough to puke one of the days though.

    and that was atleast three weeks ago probablu longer.

    p.s. Does that go for all shrooms cause I ate cubensis bayos and blue ringers.
  20. Would you please go to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!

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