Oh sh!t i germed to long HELP!

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  1. Okay i have taken a couple bagseeds and attempted to germ them using a paper towel method between two plates, and i have watered the paper towels about three times so far and this is the first time i actually checked it, three of the seeds have ditched their shells and have already grown long roots ( an inch or so) and formed some small green leafs.

    What/How should i go about planting them, same thing as a seed, but leave the root dangling down into soil???? or am I just fucked? :confused:
  2. You are fine. Poke a hole deep enough to hold the root and support the stem. Water lightly, from the bottom if possible and you are good to go.
  3. you'll be fine, just plant them 1/2" under soil and they will still find their way up and grow towards the light..
  4. Okay thanks you guys ROCK! i love this community, seriously guys, i had shitty advise that i would have to toss them from a friend, shows how much they know...:hello:
  5. Just be damn careful when you do it, they are quite fragile when they are small.
  6. Don't do this if the seeds have already popped off. Leave the cotyledons (those leaves you're talking about) just above the surface and get some light on it.
  7. okay what should i do now; should i mist them with water and then saran wrap the cups, or just saran wrap the cups? :rolleyes:
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    No need to wrap them. Moisten the soil and check it every other day. Top layer of soil can go crusty before watering again. Put some light 3-4" above the sprouts if using fluoro and maybe 12-18" if using a lower wattage HID. If using HID, you can lower the light after a few days and kept at a distance to not burn your babies.

    If your soil has initial fertilizer in it, you just need to use 6-6.5 PH water for the first few weeks and then work up from 1/4 strength until you see what your plants like or just use the instructions on the nutes.
  9. okay, thanks for the help guys, ill be posting a thread in a week with pics on how they are doing +rep to every post above because you guys seriously saved my plants!
  10. If you're growing bagseeds you might want to start a few more as a just in case measure. From my experience you can still plant an over-germed seed, but sometimes they just won't take like they normally would. And like someone said, make sure you have the little leaves above the soil.
  11. I like lettin em grow a bit of a root in the paper towel(leave em for 5 days instead of the usual 2), same thing happened to me and they grew stronger and faster than the ones that barely showed a taproot.
  12. ok i have a situation. i also let my seeds germ too long and they actually started growing the root through the paper towel. now the little roots have paper towel pieces stuck to them! will this hurt anything? can i plant as it is or do i need to pick the pieces of paper towel off??? help please!
  13. Holy shit dude, you just bumped a 2.5 year old post.

    Just plant it with the paper towel, it will do far less damage to the root than you going to town on it with a pair of tweezers.
  14. yea lol sry bout it bein such an old post. only thing i could find abt it on GC. thanks tho man, but it shouldn't hurt it? it was actually tissue paper lol

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