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  1. Literally 5 minutes ago I was cleaning my old sherlock pipe and my newer Medicali bubbler in my bathroom sink. I had let them soak in rubbing alcohol over-night and I was running hot water though them to get all the gunk out, not having been cleaned in a while they were quite dirty. Both were looking quite clean and I had been shaking rubbing alcohol and salt inside the bubbler to really get it cleaned out well. I looked at myself in the mirror for literally a split second and my hand got just a little too close to the sink and I heard a crack. My heart jumped into my throat and I look down to find my beautiful bubbler, Item 9(after that intro scene in Pineapple Express), snapped in twain with both the cross pieces laying there. I come to you now, asking for ways to either repair my piece or perform some other act, that hasn't occurred to me yet, as to fix the problem.

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  2. damn bro that suckssss.
  3. wait so is it a dub bub?
  4. dont throw it out
    get creative
    you could still use that glass
    just attach it to something idk wat but just DONT THROW IT OUT
  5. R.I.P. Item 9
  6. Hahahahhaha, oh wait its not funny.. hmmm:confused:
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsdXmYGFBcU]YouTube - What? Oh Nooooo[/ame]

    but seriously man that sucks.

    i would toss it and just buy a new peice
  8. damn that does reeeeeeeeeallly suck,
    my PURP ash catcher was just broke.
    Look at it this way,
  9. I really hate to do this, But why in the hell would you name your piece after something that becomes illegal in the movie. To me, That kinda sounds like bad luck off the draw. But in all seriousness, I feel for you. My first shit didn't even last through my beach vacation. My aunt threw it away. It was a beaut.
  10. My advice would be to move on and learn from your mistake. Hopefully you have learned your lesson, better luck with your next piece.
  11. That really sucks you should never lay your hands/fingers off your glass.

  12. Wow that really really sucks! I've always loved the simplistic medicali bubblers :(
  13. Damn, sucks man! I just smoked out of one of these for the first time the other day, great smoke. But when I looked at it I noticed the joints looked like they'd easily break (mainly because of how heavy each chamber is).

    But dont throw it man, get creative!

  14. The name was inspired by the scientific appearance if the glass, not the illegality of the substance being smoked in it haha. But thanks for all the advice everybody! Glad I'm getting some replies.

    Oh and it had another unmentioned name. AROF, Artificial Ring of Fire. Let's just say super-blazedness and Johnny Cash went a long way towards a creative name, also along with the scientific look of the piece.

  15. ...and yes it was a double-chambered bubbler. Such a loss :(

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