Oh No... Week 6 Flower and Boom!

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  1. My pots were sitting down in the water when it was being watered for 8-10 weeks. Not the best now I know. I raised them out about two weeks ago when I noticed salt build up starting. I tried giving them a heavy watering with nutes, but I'm not sure that did anything, if not making the problem worse. Now I have this (See photos). Looks like phosphorus deficiency to me? What do you think?

    More importantly, what should/can I do now? The whole plant seems dry to the touch compared to last week. I don't have any trichomes turning amber yet.


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  2. you need to save her tonight! run to the shower this is an emergency to flush, flush for long time!!. till ppm are back to under 200. are you in coco? good news is you have smart pot so after flush place a small fan between pots to help dry. watch for humidity rise.
  3. Thanks! I'm on it!
  4. (its dry bc of salt toxicity. salt buildup retains water and block nutrient uptake)
  5. it happened to me too. I was not feeding my coco till runoff. then a guy helped me and saved my plant. here is the story. can i have your advice please?
    Thanks again, Will
  6. I'm not going to speculate on what the problem is or if there even is a problem. You provide no info on your grow and post pics of your plant under lighting that doesn't show the true colors of the plant or its issues. Also in fabric pots, as they dry, they will show mineral deposits on them it's normal. Doesn't necessarily mean you have a salt buildup.
    Not saying that your issue isn't being treated properly. Just that diagnosing without all the needed info can be a shot in the dark.
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    Alright Laucass83,

    I've flushed them each with 20 gallons of water and have the PPM back down to under 200. I've got fans and dehumidifiers running.

    Yes, I'm am in coco.

    What next?
  8. You will loose some fan leaves. Give them a week but new growth should start to look healthy. Make sure your pots are not sitting in runoff anymore. When they will dry out, back with your regular feeding
  9. All fabric pots do that. Theres nothing wrong here. I dont even grow with salt based nutrients. Water alone will leave those deposits just like it does on faucets and such if you dont clean them regularly. Flushing will do nothing. The deficiency was not caused by the deposits on the container. If it is a deficiency flushing will just make it more deficient
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  10. Do not let your coco dry out.
    You need to water/feed daily when growing in coco. Here's a good place to start. https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/
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    thanks josh!
    I agree! By "drying" I meant "when not saturated with water anymore and looks like it is when you water usually" (weight of pots, feeling of medium, etc!)
  12. Laucass83,

    Timing has not been the best! I had to leave for out of town a few days later after the hard flush. Long story short... THEY LIVED! Thank you so much for the advice to flush them hard. They're up out of the run-off and appear to be doing much better! They no longer feel dry to the touch and trichomes are back.

    Thanks again... Lesson learned.
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  13. merry Christmas cheers

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