Oh No- light timer F@#$ UP

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Leaden, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Argh. help, me matey's.
    I have a digital timer, which is set to turn lights on at 9:30pm and off at 9:30am.

    However, Ill go down to check at noon, and the LIGHTS WILL BE ON sometimes, when they shouldnt be.

    and Ill check at 2am, and the lights will be mothereffen OFF when they should be on.

    So, I threw away the timer, and am going to do this myself.

    My question is: How is the flowering process harmed with constant light schedule fuck ups, and what can i do now to mitigate the damages and get these girls in a happy place.

    they will be completely bloomed by 4/20 for sure.

    let me know eh?

    Oh, and I have three plants will pistles all over the place on the top two nodes, but little balls with NO PISTLES on th lower nodes! are these Hermaphs?

    I moved them to their own chamber for now, until they present themselves in their true light.

    and of course, the timer works perfectly on my Hermaphs, lOL

  2. That sucks about the digital timer dude, what a hunk of junk!

    What might happen with an irregular light schedule is the plants will revert back to veg stage, this will hinder growth, and set you back a few days after fixing the 12/12 light schedule situation with a new timer.

    As far as the plant being a hermi, it sounds like it from how you describe it.. but I'd have to see a picture to confirm.
  3. Are you sure the time on the timer is set to the same time you have???

    Kind of impossible for a digital time to be that inaccurate, not even my analog dimer is that bad.
  4. i have to see to be sure but sounds like the bad scheduel has turned em herm...
    id go full 12-12 and pull those balls if you dont want any beans.....
  5. Make sure they are actaully male pollen sacks and not seed pods
  6. i had the same problem man. you need to make sure that it is an actualy hyrdoponical timer. usually digital timers have a tolerance time of 5 minutes so it wouldnt just be inaccuracy. i know it sounds crazy to have to have all the best gear but what happens with most timers you get from hardware and home stores is they just cant handle the wattage. even if they say they can. most of the time your just blowin the timer.

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