Oh no I pissed on my plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by newpies, May 5, 2011.

  1. I was reading pissing on your plants is good a while back. Well anyways i pissed a little bit in a plastic cup probably 15 ml and mixed it with probably 110 ml of water. let it set and put it on the plant thinking it would help. Is there anyway i can fix this?!
  2. it's good if you only drink pure water and only eat raw foods

    i'd say stop following advice from cheech and chong movies
  3. Not good I eat some of the unhealthiest foods. I also drink lots of soda. This is disappointing this was my first plant to. I hope it doesn't die.
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    eh it would probably save you some trouble anyway
    go buy a book about growing weed it'll help

    do it by the book.
  5. Ya i just downloaded a few pdfs and start following them.
  6. :DPIX please!!!! I want to see what a bunch of salt and ammonia will do to an mj plant............:eek:

  7. tht sig vid is awesome lol

  8. yeah it is i wanna know what the extra piece of paper is for in the end of the joint a filter or something maybe idk

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