Oh no, I have what?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by xero_gravity, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. My plant was healthy all through its growth and was lookin mighty bomb. All i had to do was wait a couple more weeks for the top buds to grow just a little more. Then i discovered i had worms (Argh!!) those little bastard ruined damn near half my crop. I was lookin at a good ten grams which was all i really needed to help save money. I had to pull my plant early the kola (which i was looking forward to smoking with much delight) was pre-mature. i could have put it past me but when i started curing my buds half of them had worms in the middle grubbin my buds.
    Does anyone no how alleviate this problem. i have a few more plants and i don't want them to get infested either.
  2. i herd of an old trick hanging a bare of sope next to it to keep the insectes of dont no if it works thow i grow my plants in doors o ya u where talking about 10 grams no an ave plant gorws 50 to 150 grams not 10
  3. The reason ppl put soap next t o outdoor grows is so that when it rains, the plant get soaked, and all bacteria, fungus and insects should be unattracted to the smell and such

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