OH MY GOD...The Flaming Lips

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  1. anyone heard of these guys? this shit has to be the weirdest/chillest/coolest music I've ever heard. Recently heard about them and decided to download a little bit. It's so good:hello:
  2. Yeah dude, they most definately make some kick ass music.

    Man, I really do love music.
  3. agreed man...all the way
  4. Watch them live, i've never felt so great and alive before, after the show I was completely speechless, like 15,000 people completely speechless just standing there. So much acid I took.
  5. clouds taste metallic has to be one of the best modern psyc rock albums i own.
  6. You lucky bastard. I was 16-17 when they last came. They did a free show. But it was 18+. :(

    They have kinda fallen off with their last album though. Not to mention Wayne has been talking hella crazy lately.

    Check out the documentary on them man. One of my favorite rock docs. Stephen was in the middle of serious heroin addiction and they don't censor that shit. Very chilling.

    "The Soft Bulletin" is their crowning achievement in my eyes.
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    Flaming lips are one of my favorite bands. What albums are you listening to?

    I had a chance to see them live... I had to drive to the other side of the country, pay 380$ to camp and tickets and listen to a bunch of shitty bands beforehand. I was SO close to going but the week before I decided not to. I regret it now of course :(

    They are definitely a band to see live. I guess I will have to wait until they go on tour for their new album.

    EDIT: If you like the lips, check out grandaddy.
  8. the album i was listening to was Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
  9. yeah they're pretty sick. i really like the song the W.A.N.D.
  10. Lol the thread should be oh my gawd!!!... The flaming lips because of their album ohy gawd. If you ever want a once in a lifetime experience. Buy zaireeka, the 4 disc set. Set them all playing at once, drop a hit of acid. And hit the repeat button.
  11. I love these guys.
  12. i have zaireeka in my computer and i wanna listen to it so bad but i'm just freaking pissed that i have to look for 4 separate cd players in my house just to listen to it.
  13. i love love love the fight song
    <3 my favorite
  14. Do it, it is so worth it. One of the coolest musical experiences I've ever had.

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