oh my god my friend is dead

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  1. well i heard last night that a friend of mine that ive known for over a year died. i couldnt beleive it when i first heard it and i thought my friends were lying to me when i heard. he was coming home late at night after work and was driving down a road that is notoriously known for people dying cuz they swerve and hit the trees lining the median. well thats exactly what happened he swerved and hit a fuckin tree. probably killed him on impact. he was 18 and he was going to graduate in 2 fuckin weeks! i cant beleive that shit like this can happen. it could not have happened to a nicer person if you knew him you would know what i mean. the next bowl you smoke, smoke it for him. he was a great person who was taken from us way before his time. he had his whole life ahead of him.

    nicholas leach


    im gonna miss you nick.:(
  2. That sucks man.

    R.I.P Nick
  3. wow man thats crazy. Ill smoke a bowl for nick in a couple hours. R.I.P
  4. sorry to hear about your friend man, i had a friend of mine die in a car accident, it sucks but dont get down cause i dont think your friend would want you to be sad for the rest of your life, whenever you think about it just think of the good times and how they will just get better, my mom passed away a couple months ago and whenever i think about it i just think how great she was and keep on keeping on, you'll be alright, smoke a bowl and relax , but dont start drinking like a fish cause your depressed or resort to stronger drugs, nothing good happens from that shit, just keep on with life you'll be fine
  5. fuck man i had one of my best girl friends die on 420. she was stabbed when she was working at mcdonalds. i know how your feeling man it will get better
  6. Yeh I heard about that. Thats fucked up.
  7. next opportunity i get, it will be for your friend nick. RIP.
  8. that's crazy man. i'll keep him in my thoughs.
  9. wasn't exactly a story but i feel u man shit happens jus gotta deal w/ it.
  10. thanks alot for all the kind words you guys. i know i wont dwell on this forever but im definitely gonna need a couple days to get my self straightened out again. its just really sad. i saw a little blurb in my local paper that said "mira mesa man dies in car crash" (mira mesa is my town in san diego). than it gave like 2 paragraphs about it. it also said he was speeding but i know that he wouldnt speed ive seen how he drives. he especially wouldnt speed down that road. actually i really know now is life cant be taken for granted. the last thing i said to him was "see you around nick" and obvisouly i never will see him around again. its gonna be tough i'll get through it. once again thanks everyone
    keep tokin

    edit: oh ya i forgot to mention

    toxictoker: damn man that really sucks. i couldnt imagine something like that happening to me. did they find who did it?

    heythere: hell ya man FUCK DRINKIN' hahaha. that sucks about your friend man my cousin's friend got hit by a drunk driver and died and it just sucks about what we have to go through. but i promise things will get better for us all.

    one last thing i forgot. nick was a fellow toker. i didnt think of it right away cuz he wasnt that big of one and i never got to smoke up with him :(

    well when i die i'll grow some killer shit up in heaven and we'll toke out with jesus and jerry garcia. and richard pryor

    EDIT: and bill hicks
  11. Sorry to hear about it, I can't imagine losing one of my friends so suddenly. Rest In Peace.
  12. wow that sucks i fell bad man. im loadin a bowl up right now for him and any other stoner who has left this world earlier then expected,

    toke on- :bongin:
  13. As soon as the moms hits the hey I'll spark one up for Nick.

    Sorry to hear the sad news, my friend.
  14. This one is for Nicholas Leach.
  15. smoking a bowl for your friend man may his soul live on for ever

  16. well i was hit with another major blow today

    i tried to call up my friend lance to see what he was doing. he was best friends with nick and he grew up with him. closest thing to brothers that ive seen. well he got his phone taken away awhile ago when he was charged with possesion of cocaine so i called my friend andrew (who first broke the news about nick to me) to get his house number and he said that lance was in the hospital. when he heard about nick he stop taking his insulin and medication for diabetes and nearly went into a diabetic coma. basically tried to kill himself. i heard that he was most likely gonna make it but it still scares me because i know someone who died while having minor surgery.
  17. Sometimes we just gotta go on without them.
    Here's to Nicholas...
    Rest in Peace

  18. Yeah it was some double sex offender schizo nut that walked in "with the intentions of hurting a female" on 420! yeah it sucked, extreamly unfortunate she was a sweet kid

  19. what a fuckin prick man i hope he fries for that.

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