Oh my god, I like the "like".

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  1. Because I'm fucking baked, and quite frankly, having only a topic about the "likes" thing in a NEGATIVE light just sucks. Plus I was looking for an "OMG I love the new like" topic, and didn't find one, so yeah. :smoke:

    Awesome, it's awesome, it's exactly how I envisioned it, and it's awesome. I love how... how... I just... :smoke: ... just ... :hippie: ... love EVERYTHING about it! Its behavior, its placement, everything. Well OK, it could be minimized a bit, just a simple, subtle graphic that pops out a bit when someone actually uses it. The way it is now, if someone "likes" something, it just gets huge and eye-catching. Gives it a little more visibility than Facebook does it, which might make some Facebook-haters annoyed of its presence. But if it were just barely less noticeable on the page, it might make the nay-sayers happier.

    It's awesome, please please please keep it!
  2. Yeah. I wanted to make a thread about it, but then I thought someone else would make one and I would just comment... So here I am.

    Fucking GREAT implementation! I loike it alaught!! :D :smoke::smoke:
  3. I dislike it, it's extremely cheesy and poorly implemented.

    Edit: And I just read the post above mine, I wasn't trying to be clever. I honestly find it to be very poorly implemented.
  4. iii like how you said that.
  5. Ok. How about a simple "+5" or something?
  6. +5 what? Rep points? Isn't that what rep is for? ;)

    My biggest complaint really stems from "Likes" drop down at the top of the thread. It makes the existing clutter even more cluttered, and it's far larger than it should be.

    But in general, I just find it very cheesy and useless.

  7. Rep? What? God... no. Rep system is horribly flawed in countless ways, it's counter-productive. Rep system has crazy limitations which make its implementation totally ridiculous. The like system, based on an entirely difference principle and implementation, has the potential to be something great. It's applied behavioral science. The rep system is flawed in how many posts you can rep (damn near only one a day, and once in any recipient's lifetime), so it causes people to forget about using it. It's complicated, with tiers and "some people affect rep and some don't". It puts the complicated task of balance computation onto you, the user, instead of leaving it to be computed and weighed by a much quicker and more accurate computer program.

    The concept of "likes" is one I'd been wanting to see on forums for quite a long damn time. On Facebook, the Like system has no purpose other than to tag a post saying "joe likes this". That's fine for Facebook, it works. Outside Facebook, though, it has the potential to be much more useful, utilizing statistics to provide a much more reliable and honest "rep" system. It has potential to fully replace the rep system and make it much easier to use (logically, that is, not "hurr 2 clicks too hard").

    As it is now, it's still useful and welcome. One of the first things I thought of was posting in the "post your" or "post a" threads. Without flooding up the topic with replies, someone can just attach their "like" to something someone posted. And that person can see someone liked whatever they posted. Just a little social quirk. I know I like seeing when people "like" what I post, but reps are few and far between because nobody seems to even use it unless prompted to (mere mention of the word "rep" typically brings in a few holdouts).

    Likes, on the other hand, are so easy for people to do, it just comes naturally and is much less intrusive. You're not prompted for what kind of rep, or to give a comment. You just LIKE, and you're free to like as much as you want, whenever you want, on whatever you want. That's the joy of Like.
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    It's been available for years but the wording is different. Before it was a "Thanks", which was basically the same idea.

    We will have to agree to disagree on it's potential usefulness. Fun? Maybe for some. For me it serves absolutely no purpose and I see it as a waste of space and server resources. :p

    It's all good though. The only thing that I would like to see changed is the size of the drop down box at the top of the thread. It's an eyesore and makes the page look cluttered.

    Edit: And I recognize the difference between general usefulness and how useful something is specifically to me. However, I don't see it being anymore useful to users than "Like" on Facebook.

  9. I believe you missed the most important part about Like Feature. It basically allow you to check most liked posts in long threads which actually is great because you can easily find important posts.
  10. Except the inherent flaw is that people will "Like" many posts that aren't all that relevant or even important. I could say "I love cheese" and 20 people could like it.
  11. Liked. Cheese is awesome. :devious:
  12. See! I told you!


  13. I don't see how that's a flaw... so what, I find appreciation in your witty remark. :D
  14. why don't you tell us how you really feel about it? :D :p

    i dig it too.. especially because it doesn't link to facebook, like the other thing did/does.

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