Oh my god.. I feel so weird

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  1. I just heard that my friend who was supposed to give me a ride crashed his car and totalled it. They are in hospital now, the only reason I know is because my friend who I owed money for weed had my buddy that crashed health card went to the hospital to give it to him.

    I'm shaking right now, the back (where I would've sat) was smashed in like a tin can. I would've been killed for sure.

    Holy shit. I feel like damn what the fuck, shit like this could happen all the time what if I make one wrong decision now and my roof caves in on me because I decided to take a shit in the bathroom where it was caving.
  2. dude....

    just 2 weeks ago two of my bestfriends just got in a serious wreck. They were with three girls i know and were drunk driving, going really fast around their neighborhood in this girls bmw. I just met this girl two days ago and we were doing the same shit driving around drunk the night before. Luckily i wasnt with them last night, because they slammed right into a tree. the driver who i just met two days ago, died. My friend N, broke his leg, and arm. My friend J, was the only one wearing a seatbelt, and came out with only a fractured vertebrae. One girl broke her legs, and the other one fractured her skull and broke her neck.
  3. holy shit dude........
  4. live life with no regrets.

  5. Word.
  6. No fuckin' way dude. Same shit happened to my friend a couple days ago. He was on some unmentionables driving (fucking retard) and he had to swerve cause some guy was driving recklessly around him. He hit a pole going 60 MPH. His whole car wrapped around the pole. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, even though NONE of the airbags went off. He totaled his near brand new Charger.

    He spent the night in jail cause the cops knew he was on something, and a cop told our friend J that the only reason he was alive/uninjured was cause he had his seatbelt on.

    Funny how the kid driving on unmentionables was the one who had to swerve from some other reckless driver. You'd think it'd be the opposite.
  7. If they wouldhave grabbed you timing would be all different, no accident probably.
  8. [quote name='"noviceGrower420"']If they wouldhave grabbed you timing would be all different, no accident probably.[/quote]

    This is true, i often think about how close calls are only so because of the timing involved.

    I hope your friends turn out alright OP.
  9. wow thats crazy dude, like wow that has never happened to me before but i sure would see rhings from another perspective after that close call
  10. I almost got ran over by a suv going good 80-90 mph. I was inches from that beast. I felt like GOD. Lol, consider yourself lucky.
  11. Final Destination, watch your back!

    Seriously, that sucks though - hope it's not too serious!

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