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oh my GOD, how long has it been!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jada, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. To all the members of grasscity who've been here a while, I misses you all. I left for school agai after the summer and haven't been to the sight in months. The lady of passion missed you all sooooo much. For those of who who remember me, respond, it would be great to catch up o ld times and toking stories.
  2. and hoooollly crap, I cant spell 4 shit i see!!
  3. I'm new but welcome back anyways !
  4. helllloooooo Jada, neva really seen ya before, buh good to have another female presence back to the city. Damns this place needs a lot more of yas, hell we need as many toking girls as posible in this weed world.
  5. Yay! Nice to see you back. I was only here a tad before you left, though... But I read many a post before I even registered.
  6. Welcome back friend. I hope things are going very well for ya!
  7. Good to see you're still around Jada!! Let us know how you've been doing.
  8. YAY!!!

    Welcome back Jada!!!

    I'm going to smoke a big fat bowl in honor of your return to The City!!!
  9. Welcome back! Uh i don't have anything to say, tell us whats up.
  10. Hey girl. Hows life been treating you?
  11. aww girl :) i haven't been around either, and popped in to say hi. hope school isn't too hard on ya! and i miss ya. *hugs* happy tokin' if you still are :)
  12. well I am soooooo glad to see the old faces-uhh, I think!! As far as stories...Ya know!!! no more TJ, but Rosarito, thats another story!!! body shots, marangay dacing, strip clubs (going to them to watch mind you!!) and just being a young women has filled my days and night, well at least once a month it has. School takes alot of time. But... I got some good ones coming to the stories column real life), so look 4 them to come. And ganjaphish-its good to see you drop by when u get a chance. And to everyone else, I'll see ya when the smoke parts.
  13. i think i remember seeing some of your posts a while back. welcome back :)

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