Oh my god. Best combination of drugs EVER.

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    This hands down gave me the BEST time of my life ever. I'm not recommending it to anyone but people who know the effects of all these drugs thoroughly.

    Candy flipping while wasted. Sooooo fucking awesome.

    So this last weekend me and my buddy drove out to Lake Shasta to party it up with some friends from Oregon. Saturday night, I had the best time of my life ever. Now I have done molly and LSD a ton before, but not at the same time. I have had a little bit to drink with both of them too but not enough to get me drunk.

    But on Saturday night I got hammered drunk and thought it would be a great idea to party it up to the max and take some molly. So I pop two and start feeling great as usual but being drunk just made everything that much better. It made my world a blur and sorta sloppy if you will. I couldn't walk very well but it was a fucking blast. Two hours later I start coming down so I pop my third hit of molly and wait for it to kick in for about 15 mins. My friend is like "yo man I got some lucy, want some?" Of course I say yes so I grab two doses and start letting them dissolve in my mouth.

    Oh My God.

    I have never EVER in my entire life EVER tripped this hard. It was so fucking awesome. I literally had to have this girl walk me around because I simply could not see well enough to walk. So I just held on to her hand and she walked me around while I enjoyed all the glow sticks that people were messing with and the music that was playing. I seriously felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland.

    It was like I was inside the songs just being softly bounced around inside a padded bubble with lights all around as it vibrated. I know that sounds like some crazy shit but those are the only words that can describe the feeling I had. Man oh man, it was so so so soooooo great!

    Anyone else tried this? Good or bad experiences? Candy flipping is the SHIT!
  2. I feel yah brother when i candy flipped it was the best night of my life trust me.
  3. On friday I had an eighth of boomers, some vitamin c, and like 8-10 percocets? It was pretty nice. Once i have the chance to get LSD again i plan on candy flipping, ive only heard positive feedback
  4. sounds awesome, just need that lucy.

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