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oh man

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by waterhurley, May 6, 2006.

  1. god damn im fucking high! i wasnt even like planing i was gonna get htis high! i was smoking so ehh pritty shitty stuff. and i pulled out my little 10 inch glass bong and pack 1 bud maybe .4 grams by guess. i was expecting a buzz. after 3 hit i was feelin the onset. after 10 hits (pritty much cashed) and 7mins i was fucking BLAZED.

    holy shit i min this thread and forgot about it for 40 mins. haha. im so high.

    im in for a crazy weekend. got some coronas for cinco de mayo! 'cept were drinking them tmrrw night cuz i have girls coming over. im so excited.

    what you all have planned for tnigh or tmmrw night? :smoking:
  2. haha im right there with you man. me and my buddy rolled a decent joint just figuring we would get a nice buzz before we get to our smoking spot and im driving then all of a sudden like halfway through i look at him and i say "timmy i am fucking gone"

    i had to pull to the side of the road cuz we were laughing so hard. needless to say we didnt smoke another one(we rolled it sure but we are savin it for later)

    unfortunately i didnt get around to getting some coronas for cinco de mayo but i DO have some budlight. beer is beer i guess, prolly take a few oxys and drink a few beers, maybe take a delsym trip, who knows

    sorry im ramblin....:yay: for gettin high unexectedly

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