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oh man...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justme, Aug 3, 2001.

  1. I feel so bad...drunk and weed...just shit-faced...I hate this...I wish I could talk to critter or smoki right now.
  2. Awww sorry to hear that justme.... I'll smoke one for ya. Hope something turns up for ya. Getting ready to head off to Seattle for my vacation.


  3. [​IMG] Sorry to hear nice lady. I've been on a self-imposed break this week myself but I feel that tonight I will fall off the wagon. you're invited to come on down and fall off with me. [​IMG]
  4. hey you guys! This is pretty cool...the new site and all...I was reading and reading and reading...and, it seems like a place I used to know and love...hmmmmmm...I think it's the people not the place, heh?
  5. High honey! Glad to see you back....I've missed ya :)
  6. no one wants to talk to me. jk.
    this place loads faster than yahooka.

  7. I love how fast this is, and also how it notifies you via e-mail when there's a new post! I find myself spending less time at Yahooka, although I still think it's a good place, too. Like justme said, it's the PEOPLE, right? I've also been enjoying browsing the shopping section here! I've even learned a little along the way :).
  8. I see all the good people that was at Yahooka here. I am pleased to be apart of the Grasscity family.

    Justme i still love ya honey. If you need to talk, let me know and i'll do my very best to help ya any way i can.
    Love you, Stud Head..
  9. Sorry I was'nt here too!

    I been busier than a windmill in a tornado! But I think about all you guys everryday. Wonderin what everbody's doin, if I'm missing any good soap opera stuff. I'm donning the chicken strips again to get some good ganja to come your way! E-mail anytime Justy! I usually get a little time in the evening to do that anyhow! Huggies and smoochies to you!

  10. I love you guys...


  11. I hope those chicken strips are new ones? Thanks for the dance might work if you direct your karma toward the Netherlands...ooooooo I need the positve vibes...

  12. Thanks for the cheerleaders critter! I hate when that happens to me...I think I lost the best post in the world the other day...smilies all perfectly inserted too...I really hate when that happens!
  13. Me too critter. A very special lady she is!!!!!!
  14. I have a faaaat joint of some decent bud. But I can't smoke it. Just gettin drunk. A friend gave me the joint, I'm gonna give it to another friend of mine that's on his way here.

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