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Oh man, oh man.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Electus Unus, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. so i havent posted anything in a while. but im kickin back vaping some afgahn x trainwreck. its the best taste in the world.
    sorry no pics right now. i only picked up a gram of it last night. but i payed 10 bucks for a g of some 30/60 shit. my homeboys in from cali for the holiday season and brought back all kinds of goodies.
    ill pick up more later to take pictures.
  2. 30/60 shit what? haha 10 bucks a gram isn't gonna get you anything spectacular unless you know a grower most likely..

  3. .... 10 bucks a gram gets me every bud in my p/u thread. Lots of people, dont pay the bullshit 15-20 bucks a gram, regardless of knowing the grower... patients (me) get it cheap as shit, but i knew where to get 10 a gram super dank ass shit before i had my card lol....
  4. I've been paying 10 dollars a gram for some dankkkkk Sweet Berry Kush. It's just about who you know, lol.

  5. wait wait wait.... is there a 3rd type of cannabis that produces different effects that makes up that last 10 percent.... :eek:

    sounds like a bomb vape sesh tho, man.
  6. 30/60

    i think he means $30 for a half eighth and $60 for an 1/4
  7. close, 30 a teenth (half eighth) 60 an eighth
  8. hah so it went from people thinking he got 10 bucks a gram to 30 for 1.7
  9. Thats false....

    And this^^ :confused:
  10. lol, if youve seen my pickup thread you'll know that what i get is not low grade by any means. still havent got around to pics yet, but i will soon. trust:smoke:

    if ive not stated the name, the deliciousness i got for 10 for a g is afgahn crossed with trainwreck. verrrry nice.

  11. Lol neither of those quotes were to you.... re read the post.
  12. oops meant to click quote on dude that said "30/60 shit what? haha 10 bucks a gram isn't gonna get you anything spectacular unless you know a grower most likely.."
  13. :smoke::smoke::smoke:

  14. ......:laughing:....:gc_rocks:

  15. ^^ :gc_rocks: when you are superr :smoke::smoking:... :laughing::laughing:
  16. oh man oh man :D so far im three hits in on the same nuggetry through the vape. i snapped a few photos of the afgahn x trainwreck but the shots came out sloppy. so ill post pictures later this evening whenever i get some lighting. im too stoned to look for the setup right now:eek:. sorry to still have you guys waiting on pictures.

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