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Oh man depressing story

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. I was just smokin a bowl while browsin the forums i go to whipe off the tip of my pipe cause some food from my mouth got on it and what do i see????? A crack in my pipe , it dosent affect smokin out of it at all which is good so i dont have to get a nice piece (yet) but now that i noticed it it looks really obvious and a pipe that ive had for almost 4 yrs, my fav piece of all time , one that has so many good memories with it is now shitty lookin.

    One of the main reasons this has been my fav piece in the last 10 yrs of smokin is cause of how thick the glass is and how unique the piece is and the price i got it for.... I swear about 90% of the time people smoke with me for the first time they say 'damn this is a nice piece' and i cant count how many times ive been at someones house and someone walks in and looks at the table picks up the piece and says 'damn this is nice whos is this'. And it only cost me $20

    I think its time though i go out this weekend and browse through some smoke shops, it never even crossed my mind that id ever buy another pipe cause this one has lasted me so much longer than other ones, smoke out of thie piece everyday for almost 4yrs, ive never had a pipe that lasted me more than 2yrs cept this one.

    THE CAUSE: i let a co-worker borrow my piece for like 4days , i just got it back like 3days ago. Theres a chance it could have been him and i just didnt notice till now. Bout 2 days ago i dropped my piece onto the metal frame of my sliding door , that was proally the hardest drop my piece has ever taken (glass landing on solid metal isnt good). Or i could have rolled over it in my computer chair, it was sittin right behind my car about a hour ago i could have rolled over it and not even noticed.

    Im not gonna get rid of this piece but im finally gonna replace it this weekend....its been fun, ill miss you buddy , weve had some good times together but its time i get a new piece.

    Im proally just gonna head out to berkerly california and browse through the smoke shops cause nothin beats decidin which piece is best for you then actually seeing and holding it. But does anyone know any good sites for buyin pieces (besides grasscity), i want a piece similair to the one i got so i want to see has many pieces as possible until i find one like it. So the more places to look at the better.
  2. I would never let anyone borrow a pipe. Especially if it was glass. And... lol at first. I thought you were sayin you found a piece of crack in your pipe, I was like, "oooooo damn".
  3. i have no problem lendin out valuables to friends, funny thing is is i didnt even lend it to my co-worker i just accidently left it in his car one day and he took it outta his car and kept forgettin to bring it back for a few days.

    Nah i havent gotten a new piece yet, i was thinkin bout it and my current piece isnt really broken the crack dosent affect smokin outta it or nothin, its a really small crack.

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