oh man, bad night. Everyone is pissed, Everyone is ready to fight.

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  1. i felt like being social and going to this girl's party... and within 2-3 hours....

    1. some dude tried to start a fight with me because I had a problem with the way he was talking to the girls. Just some drunk ass totally insulting everyone.

    2. he wouldnt leave so i took a couple girls with me to the bar downtown to cheer them up... and I backed into his truck.. (fuck, that helps)

    he didnt care since there was no damage to his, but my car now has a fucking sweet gash in the bumper from his brush guard, he gave me a high five over it. (fuck you) but i guess im lucky that im not paying for his.

    3. walked into the bar, ran into neighbors girlfriend

    me- hey, how are you?
    her- uh, am i supposed to know you?
    me - we've met several times? im friends with your boyfriend?
    her - oh... okay? so, what do you want? how is YOUR day?
    me - my day's fine. dont freak i just wanted to be polite. have a good night
    (I walk away and she says "oh... you too")

    super bitchy right?
    well it gets better, one of the girls i was with, their ex boyfriend comes up "who's this"

    i apologize and say "yo i guess im being rude by not introducing myself, (hand shake)

    4. dude gets in my face asks where i'm from, kept agreeing "OH YEAH IM FROM THERE TOO"

    he shows me a picture of some girl half naked "YOU KNOW HER?" starts texting this random girl if she knows me...

    i tell him, it's a small world but not that small, and he needs to chill, he storms off..
    the girl apologizes, and I tell her "i dont care, i'll stick around for abit, let me know if you'd like a ride home" she acted like I just ask to see her boobs, got super weird said "uhh... i think I'd rather walk" I said, okay... and just bailed.

    now im here.

    bad vibes from everyone, holy shit.
  2. Damn dude, that's a rough night. Sounds like you were trying to have a good time, and help everyone out. But everyone was on some other shit. I hate when ppl think drinking is a free pass to be an asshole. Fucking passive aggressive motherfuckers.
  3. Wow fuck every single person you saw tonight, completely cut all ties with them. Are they supposed to be your friends or are they people you've only met a few times?

  4. only met them a few times, all my friends are working tonight and I waned to get out. I guess we didn't mix too well.

    and YES, fuck everyone tonight.
  5. hahaha whatthefuck... does she live in with your neighbor? If she does,

    then jeewiz that girl has no common sense :eek:
  6. i stared at your sig for almost five minutes..
    and completely forgot what you were talking about.
    reread, then got distracted by your sig again..

    after reading your post for the third time, i closed my eyes and scrolled down here..
    sounds like a shitty night.

  7. hahaha! thanks bud, i appreciate it ;)
  8. brought that shit on yourself man..

  9. dafuq he do...?
  10. Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug.
  11. Fuck, what the fuck is up with the people you're running into man...

    Not even a full moon yet...
  12. Sounds like one of them nights.
  13. what i wanna know is how did you get these girls to bail from the party and go to a bar with you, but when you offer one of them a ride home all of the sudden your a weirdo?

  14. him: lets bail to a bar

    them: free drinks !:hello:

    him: need ride

    them: (havent gotten any drinks) fuck you your weird
  15. That's why I don't fuck with alcohol no more.
  16. The only thing I can offer is thats life for you man sometimes it's just blows people sometimes wear there heart on there sleeve human tend to be very emotional creatures we all have bad days but people are also often douches and have no control over themselves. Sound like a shity day my next bowl goes out to you OP (that is if I remember lol) that sounds like a terrible time.
  17. Op should have said the charge for the ride home is a blowjob lol
  18. [quote name='"Vir Infractus"']Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug.[/quote]

    Some days your the bird, some days your the statue.
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    It's one thing asking a group of girls you've been chilling with that night to go out to a bar.. its another to ask some random guys gf if she needs a ride home when her bf just walked off lol.. did I get that right?

    Sounds like you were just bein nice though man and sometimes shit happens but don't let it get u down.. keep doin what ur doin and eventually the universe seems to even itself out.

    Yeah nahh idk what I'm talkin about I just reread the story lol :smoke: :smoke:
  20. wow rough night. you saw your friends girlfriend and now she is a bitch, douche bag dudes getting in your face when you're just trying to have fun. since its only for one night its all good, but damn... people need to chill the fuck out. EGO driven mother fuckers for reals.

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