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Oh how its changed!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Born2BeHigh, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Hey, I'm 21year old from the UK, and have been smoking since I was 14, full time smoking (daily) since working at 16, so I've been in the game a good 7 years and can't believe how much can change in that time.
    Some examples, I remember when a Henry was actually 1/8. 3.5g, sometimes 3g but you would never ever be offered 1.4 as standard!
    Another one, it was only after a few years of smoking that "sprayed" bud arrived to the area, that's just un-stoner like in my eyes.
    So the point of this thread is how has weed changed since you started? Same problems in US? How have you changed in your usage?
    This is my first thread so please make it a success :)
  2. Im from the US and i have never heard of being sold a "henry" or 1.4g, or "sprayed" bud. We usually buy in either increments of a nickle bag, a dime bag, a dub, an eighth, quarter, half, oz, qp, etc.
  3. a henry refers to an english king henry the 8th get it?
  4. Were abouts in the uk are you both?

    When I started smoking weed there wasn't even any bud around it was always rocky or some other kind of resin based shite, it was a lot cheaper than the weed and herb you buy now but no were as strong or powerful, different stoned feeling altogether..


  5. Sorry I shouldn't of used English slang in such a multicultural forum. So
    Bens is a £10
    Henry the 8th, £20
    All other prices ie Qs (quarter) Oz (ounce) vary depending on bud standard.
    Also I'm Essex based, which is London. Just over here, an 8th wont be a set weight. Just set price, so should probably change name to a 20 now n lose the 8th.
    Once youve got a few Amsterdam trips under your belt, I feel you know bud standards and if it worth it when you see it.
    So who else has been to the dam? :)
  6. #6 Born2BeHigh, Aug 14, 2011
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    Also, I assume that rocky is solid? Puff? Brown?
    I've only ever smoked when desperate and couldnt get bud, but nowadays wouldn't even know where to start. Also I had mega problems with hot rock, until I discovered the power of a cheese grater! :p
  7. #7 Born2BeHigh, Aug 14, 2011
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    Sprayed bud, is when bad people, with spray their weed with horrible stuff (I dont know the ins and outs, just that it makes the weed harmful and dangerous to your lungs in particular). But they do this to make the weed heavier hence can sell it for more. Tell tale signs are in the smoke so to speak, the ash won't just flick off, and if you get so of the ash between your fingers and rub, it's all hard and black, normal ash just dusts then disappears. Also you can get alot of grit like texture on your teeth after smoking.
    I don't know if this happens in US just under different name/term?

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