Oh how badly i want to try acid.

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  1. Everyone on this forum is talking about how much lucy there is here in toronto, canada. But i can't find shit. Whats wrong with me? Method's of finding good hookups? cause i always use my school to get to most drugs, but acid is unheard of there.
  2. ha, I used to be like you! I'm kinda over psychadellics for now, though. I've done acid once. It wasn't that strong. I'll probably do it again sometime and take some more.
  3. go to shows like ratdog, phil lesh, greateful dead, or whatever else you can find that is trippy as hell. the right shows are crawling with people who will throw you free blots
  4. Your "over it" and you've done it once? :p
    mus not be as good as i hope it to be...

  5. no, it's probably as cool as you hope it to be. I've just done a SHITLOAD of mushrooms.(at least compared to people within my circle) My personality has changed to where I'm not really interested in doing psychedellics. also, I saw an interview with John lennon, and he seemed really weird. He said that he's probably done acid over 1000 times. I'm just a little more wary of the long term effects than I used to be. I'm also more wary of synthetic drugs than I used to be. I will do it again and probably take like three hits. after that, I'll probably be satisfied with hallucenagens for quite some time.
  6. oh its definately worth it good luck finding some
  7. i feel ya man. i'd kill someone to get some acid right now lol
  8. do it. acid was easily top 5 best experiences in my life. was laughing so hard for about 30 minutes and then i realized i was the only one laughing haha. trip with a bunch of kids preferably one of them that has tripped and keep alot of reefer around. i got some dank acid dipped on a poster of Jerry Garcia
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    dood for real. I wanna get some acid but no one knows at allllllll

    whenever I'm chillin with drug dealers, I'll say hey do you know anyone that has some acid
    and they'll just be like :confused_2: I don't do that shit mang :laughing:

    it's horrible....I got mushies on deck whenever but acid is like finding a leprechaun
    I was thinking...how do people ever get acid in the first place...I know its manufactured but..I need the recipe...

  10. most of the chemists who make it live in nor nor cal. they have their phds.
  11. really? How does one actually come up on the recipe for LSD? I mean it is illegal...

  12. I've talked to my bro about the same issue(he's got a masters in microbio). The precursor chemicals to make L are illegal. so you somehow gotta make or find those.

    but, I'm sure you can look up the recipe on the internet. Iy dunno.
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    Hahahah. You can look it up online. "It's illegal".... :) You better know your chemistry to even understand the directions nevermind attempt the synthesis. It's significantly more difficult than cooking MDMA, meth, etc. You also need access to a university scale laboratory. And it's easy to fuck up. And when you spread it you will be tripping SO hard for SO long so calculate that into your figurings. Not trying to deter anyone from doing whatever they want, just understand what you're saying... If you need to ask on this forum how to cook LSD you can't do it, if you can't find the recipe online you DEF can't do it and shouldn't for your own safety, from the law and death. GL getting the precursor chemicals, too, they are watched like a hawk by the DEA and you need a hookup to obtain them 'legitimately'. Knowledge is power. ;)

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