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  1. Today was an awesome day. Checked my account and my back payment was in.

    So me and the hubbie went down to walmart and got some jagger and monsters. When we got home my dealers gf calls and says I could come over and get my trees too. And I was able to afford more then I previously thought I could.

    So now I'm sitting in my room chillen with a bowl and a big ass class of monster and 3 shots of Jagger in it. Freaking tasty.
  2. whats a jagger??
  3. Well... You could tell us how much herb you got so this doesn't belong in the "my day" thread?
  4. sounds like a pretty good day to me. except for the jager part i can't stand that shit lol but to each his own i suppose
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    sorry I was a bit too tired earlier to put up a good story. but the Jägermeister + monster has kicked in and now im stoned, wired, and a tiny bit drunk. and thats all off one 32oz glass.

    I wish I could post a picture of the stuff I got today. It was $60 a quarter. its some prety smooth and a bit lemony mids. I have a pic of it with my awsome new ozzy lighter but I took it with my old phone and now I need to find my card reader adapter so that I can get the Pictures off the phone so I can post them.

    we desided to get a pizza and cinnastix from pizza hut and damn those cinnastix are damn tasty!
    smoked half my pipe and about three hit off my bong while the pizza was delivered, so I was feeling awsome when the pizza and stix arrived.

    my hubby made up the Jägermeister Mosters once it arrived. Im still sippen on in chillen to pandora radio.

    on top of getting the ozzy lighter I got a small tea light holder that im useing as a kinda of catch all when I smoke. stems, seeds, ash all land in it. I flip the seeds and stems to a different box if Im using it as an ash tray for my joint. I would have taken a pick of it cause it was a fatty. but my joints all end up pregnat. maybe its cause I fuck with them too much? : / oh well. I think ill just get a cig roller and call it good.

    Now Im just chillen on my laptop, melting my brains with good music and deep bass. Ill post pictures later when Im not so faded. :smoke::smoke::hello:

    Ok just posted up some pictures off of my new camera I got. I also got an digital art pad and some bose ae2 headphones.also incase any one is wondering thats a clean uncooked popcorn seed I use for collecting added keif. I use that instead of a dime. because dimes are nasty and wieght alot. and I just wanted a little help. not powder my nuggs to bits help.

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  6. $60 mids???

    I wish my walmart sold hard liquor tho...
  7. I pay 60 for an O of dank mids...
  8. I know. its a bit high of a price to pay. I'm not going to be stuck paying those prices long though, so Im not worrried about it.

    soon I'll be a MMJ patient and wont have to worry about getting stiffed on trees.
  9. being originaly from oregon it was a bit wierd finding out alchohol being sold in walmart of all places. but it is so conveneant to just do your grocery shoping then pick up your party supplies all in one go.
  10. All walmarts don't sell alcohol? This is news to me. I guess I'm a little spoiled with alcohol, we even have drive-thru daiquiri shops where I'm from lol

    but weed prices are kinda high so i guess it's like a trade-off

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