Oh, GrassCity TShirts... where art thou?

Discussion in 'General' started by D9_THC, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. I remember a while back, we were all talkin about GC t-shirts, with your GC name on it, and a logo of some kind.

    Whatever happened to them!?!?!
  2. Good question!!! I suppose I'll have to go get a white Hanes and a green Sharpie and make my own damn shirt!!!!

    :) Seriously, what's going on with that?
  3. I still have the pictures I made if anyone was gonna use them.
  4. YOU NERDS!!!
  5. I've got the Bud stock sample shirts now. I could have some grasscity shirts with out budstock on it..

    These are air brushed.

    What do ya'll think?

    I could also have them personalised!
  6. that sounds cool.. i'd like one
  7. Bud Head, you can't forget me..........I definitely want one!!!!!!
  8. Flowerchild I would never forget you!!!!!!

    I will post a pic as soon as the wife gets them developed!
  9. Oh! Ooh! I want one! :D
  10. I'd like one, but then my parents would start asking questions. :(
  11. I want one!!! Even though I can't go to Budstock....stupid birthday.
  12. hello...i want my fucking shirt already'!!!!!
  13. I would love a gcity shirt....

    that would just kick ass.
  14. well somebody do it!!! lol, we gotta start a thread were everyone puts there design ideas, then we vote on it!
  15. OOoo...OOoo...I'll go make some designs right now!
  16. mind is a racin with many cunning ideas.
  17. wheres my fucking shirt!!!!

  18. Your not wearing one?????

    My sweetie has gotton very busy lately... I'm still waiting for her to get them done...

    I'll let every one know when they are ready!1

  19. i'm gonna make my own:p
  20. this is the best i could do

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