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  1. Sup guys, just bought a 10$ glass bong from a fuel station, and I'm a little confused.
    I closed the carb with a piece of rubber, because I want to use the slide, but this one is just a slide with a bowl (1piece), so the question is, can i buy a bowl and put it there or do i need to buy another slide? :confused:
  2. Is that picture the exact same as your bong?
  3. is the bowl meant to slide out (does it come out easily?) or is it meant to be used only with the carb (slide is secured tightly with a rubber so it does not come out easily) if it is secured and hard to remove you might want to but a new slide and bowl, but for $10 it might not be worth it. the slide & bowl would cost more than the bong itself and i personally dont like bongs with a carb...
  4. Yes, it is.
    No, the bowl gets slided out easily and it has no rubber groomets its frosted,.
  5. ok so what was the question again im sorry if the carb is plugged and the bowl slides you should be good to go.

    or are you saying you want to get a bigger bowl head?
  6. i dont like it 1 pieced, i want to put a smaller bowl in it. can it be done without buying a new one?
  7. if it's the same type as yours is already and fits in the hole it will work (thats what she said) otherwise you'll have to buy a slide or the bowl will be too wobbly with nothing holding it straight in the hole, my bong got chipped due to someone taking off the o-ring that keeps the bowl from hitting the glass, i can see the same thing happening if you just toss any bowlhead in there. of course, i dont have the bong sitting in front of me so it might be worth a try. if it seems janky, but a slide, or maybe a new bong, or just deal with the one you have the way it is if youre not trying to put too much more money in it.
  8. i think you didnt understand what i meant.
    this is how my slide looks, see it has a bowl. im asking, can i put a smaller bowl in the slides bowl, or it wont be possible?
  9. if you can find a bowlhead that will fit down in there, but the way it is i think thatd be hard to do and it might not be airtight
  10. also, why would you ever want a smaller bowl?

    it already looks pretty tiny.
  11. thats because all weed costs 20$ per g in latvia, and i cant afford to smoke often and/or alot. 0.1g makes me high and i can get stoned from 0.2g.
    also, my friends sisters boyfriend comes from cali, and he said that the weed we get here is mostly schwag and rarely mids compared to those dank ones in california.

    anyways, thread closed. seems like i wont find a bowl.
  12. You need a new downstem and bowl, together that will probably be around $30 not sure if its worth it or not. Do you know if that joint is an 18.8mm or a 14.5mm?
  13. if you havent used it yet take it to a local head shop and ask them if they have a stem or bowl that would fit it. if youre in an area with no head shops and youre trying to order it online, unless you know the dimensions of either the hole or the stem you might be out of luck.
  14. the joint is a 14.5mm.

    I live in the capital city, it has 800'000 inhibitants, and only 1 headshop that has downstems and bowls, sucks to be me thats for sure.
    i dont want to invest 10$+ dollars on a 10$ bong just to slide it.

  15. Then you're going to have some problems finding what you want :rolleyes:

    I say invest in quality glass if you're going to invest in glass. That way it is actually an investment, not something that's going to break in 10 min. :bongin:
  16. Dude if I were you I would just skip the hassle and use the carb.. Next time don't buy a bong with a one piece bowl and slide
  17. You only bought it for $10..that's seems like a pretty good purchase to me. You'll just have to live with the carb, its not that bad.
  18. if i had to guess - you have a bong that has a "fixed" stem/bowl. that means it doesn't move, nor do you use it to clear the chamber. thats what that hole was for. unplug it - IMO i dont care for bongs like that, but doesnt sound like a bad deal for 10 bucks. just pack it small :)
  19. U could just slide the Down-stem.

    It doesn't really need to come ALL the way out... especially on a smaller setup like the one you linked.

    IMO Carb it - or just pull the stem out a bit - tho that might be much more fragile.

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