Oh, god. So paranoid.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Galyx, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Oh, god. Worst experience ever.

    A couple of friends of mine stopped by, and we smoked a couple of bowls. So, I walk them to their car so they don't get mugged (I am in the city, after all), and on my way back to my house, a cop stops me right at my doorstep just as I get the door open. Asks me if I live here or if I'm just breaking in. I tell him I live here, and hold up my key. He says that a key doesn't mean I'm not breaking in, and asks me if I'm sure I live here. Tell him I am, and he asks me again if I'm sure, because his quotas are low. Now, I know for a fact that the cops here don't have quotas, so I know he's just fucking with me now, seeing if I react. I tell him again calmly that I do live here. He asks if I'm a student, and where I go. I tell him I am, and the name of my college. He asks what I'm studying, I tell him. He says "Damn, I needed a dentist!", grabs his jaw, and then tells me to have a good night, and drives away. Goddammit. Waste of a perfect high.
  2. Whoops. Just realized that this should be in the "Real Life Stories" section. If one of the mods can move it for me, I'll love you forever!!!!!

  3. Bro, I am guessing that you're from Baltimore, and if so ... it's probably very similar to Bushwick, Brooklyn ... which is where I live.

    I don't know how street smart you are, but to me this sounds very familiar. It happens all the time, stick up men do this shit. I am guessing it wasn't a real cop, but a stick up man trying to get you. It happens all the time, a couple people will roll up on you, flash a badge, say they're a cop, take your drugs, guns, money, etc. and bounce with it. Even though you didn't get robbed, I can't see a real cop acting like that. He probably kept asking you questions to see if you would have money and other stuff on you. The student question is a smart one to ask, because students at college usually aren't flashing all that much money.
  4. I'm moving it! I expect love forever, now! ;)

    Cops around here have quotas but they don't talk about it. Dude might not have been for real or he could have just been a dumbass. Whatever...at least nothing came from it.

  5. First off, RMJL, you now have love forever! And, L&L, I am in Baltimore, and these were cops. Rolled up in a police cruiser, and there were two of them in full uniform. They were legit, probably figured they'd see if I would crack. I'm street smart enough to not get myself in trouble, though. *Grins* I actually think this cop saw my friends and I as I was walking them to their car and just got lucky and found me while I was walking back. Damn the man!
  6. i hate running into cops when stoned its happned twice!

    once we were walking past and herd "hold on a minute lads" but he just wnted to know if we kived in the vill as he was the new beat cop

    the second pull onto a park we were in getting baked we peged it into the bushes but they were just look for underage drinkers so luckily didnt notice us

    lol its always sobering

  7. Good to hear, I've had stickup men roll up on me man, no good. It's nearly impossible to tell here in Brooklyn, cops drive around in everything from taxis to nice sports cars, they drive everything. But I would rather a cop roll up then a stickup man, because then it sucks.
  8. Hmm that makes me wonder if the cop was as high as you lol. Sometimes the cops around here do stupid stuff like that. Luckily it's never happened to me. If so i think i would have a heart attack.

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