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  1. Arachnophobes might want to avoid taking a job at the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant in Baltimore, a building that has become infested with millions of spiders.
    While the arachnids themselves are not believed to be harmful, their activity in the plant has produced webs so extensive that they cover 95% of the building's four-acre ceiling.
    Experts believe that there are 35,176 spiders per cubic meter.
    "We were unprepared for the sheer scale of the spider population and the extraordinary masses of both three-dimensional and sheet-like webbing that blanketed much of the facility's cavernous interior," said the authors of a study published in the American Entomologist journal.
    "Far greater in magnitude than any previously recorded aggregation of orb-weavers, the visual impact of the spectacle was nothing less than astonishing."
    "In places where the plant workers had swept aside the webbing to access equipment, the silk lay piled on the floor in rope-like clumps as thick as a fire hose." 
    Unclean.. unclean.... I need a shower.  o_O

  2. holy fuck i dont think id even live within a 1000 mile radius of that place 
  3. Holy shit thats alot of spiders!!  :bolt:  I like spiders but damnnnnnnn way too many fuck that shit lol.
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    I actually love spiders. I think they're cute as hell.
  5. I hate spiders.  Hate hate hate.  I won't kill them but I fucking hate spiders.  Especially desert tarantulas.  Black widows love this climate so they are everywhere.  
  6. Fucking hate spiders. I live in Australia so everything here is fucking scary and poisonous.
  7. i bet it'd be so satisfying to burn one end of the web and see it slowly ember its way through all the connected webs, like when you light the lint on your socks.
    it'll probably burn the roof down, but you'd probably want to burn the building down anyway.
  8. How much raid...
  9. I always knew exactly how Marv felt.
  10. That place needs to be napalmed..
  11. that place is full of a whole lot of NOPE!  :hide:  :bolt:
  12. "experts believe there are 35,176 spiders per cubic meter"

    What is the total cubic space? Suit up and get a flamethrower lol.
  13. This is a communal web of the Money spider, a tiny social species of spider that cooperates in building a massive web.  

      The article is rampant with sensationalism, as the spiders are tiny and dont leave their web.

     Y'all know how i feel about spider hate.  
  14. I don't mind spiders; so long as they aren't crawling on me or stinging me.

    While I was lying in bed last month I felt a strange feeling scuffling its way down one side of my face. I reflexively wiped that part of my face with my hand and flicked one of these off of me. They aren't a particularly dangerous kind of spider so I just let it crawl away.[​IMG]
  15. it ain't happenin', dude. fuck that from space.
  16. For that many spiders to exist, ten times as many food incects must live there.

    They need to stop leaving food oit

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     The basement of a building has elevated Co2 levels, attracting many diptera (flies), most of which use their sense of smell to seek areas of elevated carbon dioxide, a by product of fermentation and decomposition, as well as a by-product of human activity, which mosquitoes and other biting flies seek out.   As you can see, the floor below is actually quite clean, definitely gets scrubbed at least weekly.

    Edit: you cannot see the floor in that pic.  Remember, i do have brain damage. :laughing:

     but regardless.. SCIENCE!
  18. Ohh shit, oh shit, oh shit, Ya ya ya ya! Right there baby! Right there!.. oh wait, were not cuming?
  19. Grow a pair op

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