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Oh God, I am getting fucked by my parents.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by whompwhomperson, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. First of all, let me establish that I just turned 20 years old. I know that legally, my parents can't test me. Here's the problem:
    I posted a thread a while back about my first time getting caught by the parents. It involved them taking me to the police station, trying to get me arrested, smashing my bowl, etc. That happened way back when I was a junior in high school, a minor, so I was powerless. This time it's slightly different...
    Today as I was on my way out the door, my mom sat me down and asked me if I'm smoking pot, which she does at least once or twice a month. Deny, deny, deny, of course. Always do. She asked if I could pass a drug test, I said yes, she said "then I'm going to give you one before we go on vacation." I told her that I wasn't going to take it because I am an adult and personally feel that drug tests are an invasion of privacy. She then asked me if I was doing E, and that's when I knew how this happened...
    I had two yellow crocs in a bag under some jewelry on the stand next to my bed. After our conversation I went there to check...and they were gone. Fuck that anyway, the truth is (for real) my friend gave them to me for my Bday but I never took them because I really like to keep it organic and I think E fucks me up for the worse. Just my personal taste, so I was just letting them sit until I figured out who else would want them. My mom found them but apparently not my grass because she would've taken that too.
    Now she's telling me that she knows I smoke because everything I said, she replied with "that's another symptom!" A SYMPTOM. I have symptoms of being a pot head. Hahaha. Well, it's fucked up because now I feel like a tightrope walker...I can't do anything to piss her off because if she goes to the police, the right way this time...well, let's just say my parents would love to sit back and watch me wither in pain while the blue meanies throw my ass in jail.
    Now, grasscity, this is where I need you. How do I handle this delicate situation? I tried standing my ground and refusing, but the fact is, it's her house that I'm doing this in. I don't have the money to get my own place but if it comes down to it, I've got couches to surf or a nice cozy backseat to curl up in.
    Should I...
    A) Get some ready clean and detox hardcore and take the test before they go on vacation this weekend?
    B) Be straight with her about the E, that I didn't want it (not that she would believe me) and that I do indeed smoke pot, subsequently explaining why pot isn't bad, possibly followed by a showing of "the union."
    C) Move the fuck out
    D) Any better suggestions?
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    I would detox like crazy so that you pass the test, then turn the tables on them saying that you cant bear to live with people who don't even trust you, and that you're going to move out. This is assuming that you have enough money to move out, otherwise just detox and forget about the second part. Your parents dont seem like they would want to watch the Union or listen to reason.

    Edit: wow, i'm an idiot, i didnt even read the part where you said that you dont have money to get your own place. do you have any friends looking for roommates or anything like that? With parents like those, i would do anything to move out.
  3. You could tell them the truth about you do smoke, how you got the pills...even though they wont believe it, and tell them youll stop and save up and move out on your own. (up to you whether you stop or not really...)

    But i would say get the hell outta there if it keeps coming up as a problem to them.
  4. I saw the title I thought o.0.... nah.

    Opened the thread, yeah didnt think so.
  5. What option are you already leaning towards? Detoxing would solve things, but not in the long run . . . . keep us posted as to what you do.
  6. hahaha:smoke:
  7. is your dad Josef Fritzl?

    nah, just kidding (thread title ;)). i'd say go with b. if that doesn't work, go the c route. it sounds like if plan b doesn't go over well, you have little other choice if you want to keep up with weed and such, and honesty is always the best policy.

    i feel for your situation though, man. i know it can be fucked up.
  8. Oh man, hahahha you are so far from being an idiot my friend, that is the BEST idea ever. Regardless of whether or not I have the money, I'll live out of my car just for the sheer pleasure of that one moment. :D I think I'm going to try that one...
    the thing is though, yesterday was Hash Bash, plus I've smoked every day for the past few years...how long will it take me to clean out my system?

  9. Initially, I was saying, fuck it, I'm moving out. I hate living a lie. What I want more than anything is to have them just understand, but that's impossible it seems. Guess I'll have to keep being a fake, or just do what guitarist said...detox and then storm out when/if i pass the test.
  10. Thanks man, I'm heading out to GNC right now, I think I can get most of that stuff there...it sucks though, never thought I'd have to actually worry about something like this...FREE THE WEED
  11. i would like to post my vote for option c) move the fuck out.
  12. Right!

    Uh dude .......your 20 and still living at home, subject to the parents rules and whims. It's time to GET OUT and live some, find something small & cheap. Have a car? no, get a bike or take the bus. It wont be easy, but nothing in life thats worth it is. Start living YOUR life where you and you alone are responsible for your actions and choices.

    Welcome to adulthood skippy.
  13. Thaaaank you.

    Say it with me, people... THEIR house, THEIR rules.

    Yes, it would be magically delicious if your parents were toootally cool with you smoking weed. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. In fact, this is very rarely the case. So hit up Craigslist, find yourself an affordable pad and 420-friendly roommates then smoke weed until you can't physically lift your piece anymore.
  14. Try A first and if that doesn't work then do B

    And ummm work on the naming of your threads in the future
  15. Dude I'm 19 and still living at home (my parents smoke as much as me though)
    Lets just get a fucking place together!! I will meet you in middle USA haha
  16. Yeah man, I know how it is, I left a year ago and moved to the city (Detroit) for a year. Lived in the ghetto, got a reeeeally quick lesson about life in the real world. The only reason I'm back at home is because we got foreclosed on hardcore and the bank kicked our asses. It sucked, and it sucks to be back with my parents.

  17. Yeah man, I need stoner roommates!!
  18. After you pass the test, explain to them that you were selling the E not using it.
  19. HAHAH. no shit!

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