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  1. sup i started this thread cuz im sure we have all had moments where something that just flat out sucks happens and you all you can do is say Oh Fuck or what ever you say

    ill start it off

    well today i was cleaning out my piece and my phone rang so i set my piece down on the counter and picjed up the phone and it was just some fag trying to sell me some thing i can almost garentee no one would ever need. so as i was about to say something vulgar and hang up the phone i hear a loud crack and my heart sank so i turned around to see my piece broken on the floor and my cat standing on the counter prentending like it didnt know what just heppend. all i could say was Oh Fuck as i sat down feeling defeated. luckily im a skilled home made bong crafter so i quickly crafted a new bong out of an almost empty ketchup bottle witch kinda worked allthough all my hits tasted kinda like ketchup and made me gag each time i took a hit

    any ways lets hear your storys now
  2. haha that sucks man. +rep for the ketchup bottle :smoke:
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    ive gotten about 50 oh fucks in my life, all more serious than that
    call me when the feds are knocking down your door, or you're facing some time in the prison system
    on the real though, i hope thats the worst of your problems. guess its time to buy some papers and roll some joints or blunts or somethin
    edit- home made bongs do the trick, why not use a watter bottle though, or a gatorade? hope u washed that ketchup bottle out good, i couldnt imagine a ketchup tasting bong rip, yuck!
  4. i cant find my pipe at the present moment. imagine that :smoke:
  5. 1. Walking out of a store shoplifting and feeling a tap on your shoulder right as you cross the entrance.

    2. Smoking resin out of an expensive pipe and then it cracks all the way from end to end.

    3. Flipping a Jeep into a ditch at 45 MPH.
    When you've had only had a license for 6 days.

    Those are a few of mine

  6. holy shit that would taste bomb to me. i <3 ketchup
  7. I was eating my girl out and we heard her sister coming so she like jumped up really quickly and pushed my head by accident with her leg and my tongue went straight into the ashtray.

    Oh fuck.

    Then another oh fuck when her sister walks right in before she can get her pants on.
  8. pretty awkward man, everyone has those moments though, happens to the best of us, you can only laugh it off :p
    haha....how old was her sister though? older or younger? was she hot? :smoking:
  9. Me and a couple other friends (another guy and one chick) took a "road trip" to a lake with my dads boat an hour or so from town. We were smoking out of a nice hammer I borrowed from a friend for the occasion. Well I passed it to my friend, they hit it, and as they go to pass it, they drop it... in the lake. I watched it in slow motion as it fell and landed in the water, and just stared at the little ripples in the water for a second. I looked over at her and said "You know you're gonna be getting in there and finding it... right?" We all get in the water and start looking, fortunately it was only about 15 feet deep since we were in a little cove fairly close to the shore. Well after about 20 minutes of us diving under and searching around (which by the way was no walk in the park as the water wasn't the clearest water even with some goggles we found on the boat) I end up finding it. Well, a couple days later I bring it back to my friend and he asks how the trip went. I just tell him it was great, we smoked, went swimming a little, and just chilled. He just laughed and we smoked a joint he had rolled and everything was cool.
  10. Those fuckin telemarketers!

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