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oh fuck i nute burned the calyxs...

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by MN_northernherb, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. so i must have given them to much nutrients. they got a half a tsp of grow big and a half a tsp of tiger bloom per gallon and a gallon of water a piece. their both 5 ft tall. some leaf tips are burned and some leaves are now yellowing. im betting that i nute burned it and then it got lockout...

    but whats really scary is that the pistols were just starting to show and now some are brown and some calyxs are brown as well:crying:. fuck! how could i be so stupid! can calyxs bounce back or am i fucked? i cant believe i could do such a stupid thing. i guess i should cut back to 3/4 of a tsp or a half a tsp per gallon.

    i probably just massively hurt my harvest didnt i? fuck fuck fuck. how could i be so stupid. this is my first grow but by this point in the season you'd think i would have it figured out. im so pissed at myself.
  2. they seem awful sensitive....i wouldn't think that slight amount would put 5 foot plants into nuteburn...could be wrong...what's your medium...ph.......runofff...water type...i need input;)pictures
  3. Need more info and pics...How often do you fert.......How far into flowering...Strain etc....

    Why are you feeding a flowering plant (N) FF Grow Big??
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    both plants are bagseeds, they are planted in the ground outdoor in ffof. they were fertilized with a half a tsp of grow big and a half a tsp of tiger bloom per gallon and a gallon of water a piece on friday. when i visited them a week ago they were having a little bit of trouble with twisting leaves as shown in this thread: http://forum.grasscity.com/sick-plants-problems/643576-twisted-leaves-crazy-colors.html

    i water them with tap water run through a brita pitcher. i havent ph'ed the water, that certainly could be the problem but i cant fucking find ph test strips. ace hardware doesnt carry them and neither does fleet farm. ace has a digital ph meter but i didnt want to shell out the money for it, although now i think i will. its got to be a ph problem. they are growing vigorously dispite being burned and yellowing though (like 6-8in in a week atleast). its strange.

    i will get pictures tomarrow. but the plant must be on the verge of flowing (does that seem late for a plant in minnesota?) the calyxes were visably larger than they had been before on friday and pistols were emerging. they were clear/white on friday but now alot of them are brown:( its so sad, i must be stressing the shit out of this plant by screwing it up right when its trying to flower...

    it sucks to see something you work so hard on failing and not knowing how to fix it. in that previous thread someone was saying that outdoor soil grows usually dont have ph problems but thats got to be it in this case if its not nute burn. why the fuck else would it be yellowing/browning after being watered? and isnt twisted leaves sometimes a sign of ph swing? (cause i had twisted leaves in the last thread)

    idk if it helps but i was having problems even before that thread with yellowing in this thread: http://forum.grasscity.com/sick-pla...eficiencies-i-just-want-show-my-plants-p.html

    could all of this yellowing and twisting be a ph problem? its planted in ffof and some all purpose potting soil but only like maybe a sq ft, could the natural soil just have a crazy ph?

    ace also has a soil ph tester, would a water or a soil ph tester be more useful to me? i'm going to buy one or the other tomarrow so i can figure this shit out once and for all before it kills my whole harvest. i meant this grow to be a learning experience but damn i would like to have something to show for it other than a dead plant lol
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    and i was feeding it 1/2 grow big and 1/2 tigerbloom cause there was talk in another thread about stretching in the very beginning of flowering and how some extra n can be helpful for that maybe?. should i just go straight tigerbloom next time?

    i should have bought a ph meter and dealt with this a long time ago. live and learn....
  6. Yes this is the time some plants will start flowering but, not sure about your region.
    Are the (pear shaped) calyx turning brown or, just the pistals?...If it's the pistals that could be normal.

    Leaves turning yellow can be caused by several things. N deficiency is the most prominent, but if your in flowering is quite normal for older growth to yellow.

    I have never heard of using N to control stretching. Stretching is caused by lights to far away. You are growing outdoors using the sun and their should not be a problem, so I would say that the stretching is a trait in the strain of the bagseed.
    I would not feed any N, or very little as the plant is flowering and need more P. There is enough N in the Tiger Bloom.

    I would get a ph soil tester and check the ph and adjust if you need too.
    At this point it sound you are doing everything correct but, a pic would really help solve....
  7. pics in 4ish hours. and ill try to get pics of the calyxes too. their a little burnt...
  8. Go to Pet Smart, Walmart, or Petco and get a fresh water aquarium tester. The PH range on it should be 6.0-7.8. They are only like $4. Good luck
  9. dont go freakin out....all is not lost...their bag seed...we dont know what to expect from them...they will shake this off if its nutes...get the ph meter...its gotta have..........all you can do now is feed it with proper nutes at proper ph and let nature do its thing..would suggest doing a soil ph test also...find out whats going on in the root ball...dont trust the strips...get a liquid ph tester ...better yet buy the digital you saw..your gonna be growin.....it saves you alot in the long run to get the best gear....medium and beans....next grow i would top dress your plants with...wormcastings....some dolamite lime....acts as a ph buffer...bat guano...got worm and bat crap on ebay foe about $12 .....this gives you a good natural supply of nutes and a ph buffer with you only having to suppliment the plants feeding...if it rains and your not around...the plants get fed...plus blackstrap molassas...2 table' per gallon every couple weeks..for the good bugs in the soil...sounds like alot of stuff and money...but it sure beats handin' all your money to mr regs for swag:D
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    ya when i strated this grow i was just planning to half ass it. but as they grew i started to really get into it. my next run im going to do properly. plenty of quality soil(or a blend from suggestions on this forum), attitude seeds, i'm going to low stress train them, ill have all the neccessary meters by then. im gonna do it right. but this time i'm kinda trying to make up for half assing it in the beginning. i jsut wish i didnt have to wait a full year to give it a second attempt... maybe some indoor when i move into my new place...

    and i was freaking out a bit yesterday, but im more calm today. shit happens.

    anyways, i went to ace bought the soil ph tester and tested the soil. one of them (bad looking one) was pretty much dead seven when i checked in three places. the other one was 6, 6.7 and 7 when checked in three different places. the one that had the fluctuating ph actually looks better and doesnt have burned calyxes.

    i tried to take pictures, some of them are blurry. i'm using my pnones camera(the only camera i have) and it has a close up mode but i have unsteady hands and the mode doesnt do much lol. but here we go:

    plant one(the good looking one) its slightly burned and some pistols are brown. on the whole not that worried about this one. soil ph : 6, 6.7, 7






    idk why i took so many pictures of this plants calyxes/pistols, im not that worried about this one but hopefully you can see that the pistols are brown and shriveled...

    pictures of the problem plant in next post *picture limit*

    edit:the attached thumbnails are pictures i deleted cause they are completely worthless. disreguard them, i jsut dont know how to get rid of them

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    this is the problem plant. the calyx are actually partially brown. :eek:









    i had a couple more thoughts, i mixed one gallon with 1 tsp of grow big and 1 gallon with 1 tsp of tiger bloom and then i watered each plant with half a gallon from each gallon jug. could that be messing something up?

    or lets say i somehow fucked up and put both the tsp of grow big and the tsp on tiger bloom in one gallon and then watered each plant with a half gallon with that solution and then a half gallon of plain water. could that cause problems?

    edit:those pictures are blurry as fuck.... but you can see that the ends of the calyxes are brown

    edit:edit: now looking at the pictures, they look under watered, could that cause brown calyxes? they get a gallon from me every 4-5 days if it doesnt rain.
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    You have nothing to worry about. What I see are not the calyx that are brown that you are talking about. Pistals can turn brown at anytime. I actually see no preflowering (pistals) and no way to tell if male or, female. The calyx will be pear shaped(female) with two white hairs protruding from it right above where you are reffering to and the male will look like a spade, a ball on a stick and may be several balls in that area.
    Your ph should not affect anything and you should not have burned anything with the amount of fert you used. The yellowing is normal.....
    Feel Better....:) I would just keep an eye on the new growth and continue as you are....
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    alright now hold on. those picture suck. i know. but there are definitely calyxes with pistols showing on the plants... if there isnt i'm in some deep shit cause its already august.


    some of the stipules are partially brown too, but i do have calyxes that are partially brown. they are pear shaped (though they look like stretched pears) and they have two hairs coming out of them. they have to be calyxes...

    but i guess ill just keep doing what i'm doing. next time i water them i will check the ph of the solution with tiger bloom jsut in case.

    edit:maybe this should be in the sick plants section...
  14. you mentioned that that seemed pretty light on the nutes, is it possible that i could be underfeeding them? cause ph wasnt the problem, they get plenty of sun, and they get water atleast every 4-5 days, but they appear to have several deficiencies. would not having enough p and k make calyxes die? and brown spots on leaves? and the twisting and....etc

    i went out today and gave them 1.5 gallons of water a piece with close to 2 tsp of straight tiger bloom this time. im thinking that maybe i've been under feeding them and the deficiencies are jsut them begging for more nutes. ill report back around wed. with my results.

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