Oh, fuck. Brown spots.. *Resolved*

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    Appeared to be getting better today but then brown spots just appeared all of a sudden. Nutrient problem? can it be easily fixed? :(


    Well next day, and it doesn't seem to have spread at all and is still very clearly growing. I moved the light up a bit this is a possibility of the spots since it was only near the tops.

    -Oh well, I learned a noob lesson and got got a little CFL burn.


    --Raised lights
    --Changed soil medium

    --Light cycle 18/6
    (1) 6500k Full Spectrum CFL

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  2. Hopefully you're not feeding this one yet :eek: Without some helpful grow info, I can only guess over watering or ph problem maybe. Good luck!
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    I haven't over watered or fed. pH is probably the factor here I used a blended soil/fert so I'm really thinking its the soil. This plant is really small for it's age because of the initial lack of lighting so the plant is probably stressed from that and then pissed off that I used a different soil. Amateur soil mistake *facepalm* well hopefully I can correct the problem. The infected areas are getting darker and starting to turn yellowish/white but doesn't seem to be spreading too badly. Could bugs do this? She really did seem to be getting better until I checked on it and was surprised to see those spots.
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    I don't think that bugs caused the spots. You might have some kind of fungus or other plant infection, but I'm not too familiar with those so it's just a guess. What is your humidity level?

    Check your pH, see if your runoff is lower than 6.5, or use a good (expensive) soil tester if you have one. If you're under 6.5 you might be getting some nute lockout.

    And if you don't like that soil, you should transplant into better soil. It looks like the plant is in a pretty small container, and new good soil should already be in the correct pH range.

    edit - now that I see the other (huge) picture, it almost looks like the "magnifying glass effect". Have you sprayed the leaves with any liquids or let any drip on them and then put them right under your lights? If so the drops could have magnified the light and burned the circular shaped spots onto your leaves.

    Or, did you maybe get your lights too close to the plant at any time? Just another couple ideas I thought of to throw out there. :)
  5. I didn't spray the leaves at all.. I thought it could be a light burn at first.. but I am only using a 6500k CFL is that possible to burn the plant if too close? I moved the light further away just incase.
  6. I have gotten burn from a CFL when I let the plant grow too much and it grew too close to the light. :D

    If it doesn't seem to be getting worse or in your new growth that might have been what happened.
  7. I think that is what happened.. it didn't spread or get worse and still blooming in the center significantly. I checked on it today and was pretty happy. :)
  8. Think I have the problem solved. :hello:

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