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oh five oh five, the night of Zylark and Digit

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, May 6, 2003.


after reading teh results of the 05-05 night i can honestly say...

  1. you're nuts Digit

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  2. you're nuts Zylark (or maybe a little drunk)

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  3. yer both nuts!

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  1. but alas all good things must come to an end.

    i always have fun here at the city, but tonight has been particularly memorable.

    bouncing ideas of one another, philosifizin and deliberatin... 'twas a night of wise speach, intelect, ranting, jibering and much more.

    now remember everyone... if ever you see 05-05 as the date and theres little else but Zylark, Digit, Zylark, Digit, Zylark, Digit in some thread, it was a product of the "oh five oh five, the night of Zylark and Digit"




    ps (there was absolutley NO sexual undertones intended in that title!)
  2. i voted that yer both nuts... but hey, aren't we all? LOL. crazy people make the world a fun place to live :)
  3. As my drama teacher used to say, "They're a little odd...but we like that here."

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