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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. im sure most of u have read that freevibes crap

    they only give u bad info, i take it they cant accept its good in any way? seriously we need to like get them baked or summit lol
  2. "RIP
    hi im 15 and i have tried marijuana b4 and i stopped it about a year ago, it all started when me and my bestfriend first started smoking ciggirettes, then marijuana she became so addicted to it and then started doing ecstacy,coke and heroin. she ended up dying from an over dose and from that day on i have neva done it again. yvette rest in peace xxxxxxxx

    15?! how old was they're freind? utter bullcrap, i shud stop reading it, cos im stoned and it makes you mad


    or not
  3. Yeah, there are some really crazy ones, and a bunch that sound something like this:

    "This one time at a party this guy pulled out a joint and satan made me take a hit and the next thing I knew I had sex with every guy at the party and I went home and killed my mom with a toaster and burned down my house and then I did meth and heroin and then I crashed a car into a schoolbus full of crippled orphans and ended up in the hospital from a marijuana overdose and then the next day I found out I had lung cancer from the marijuana smoke I'm only six years old!!! So never do marijuana 'cuz it's the devil and it'll make you die like meand then you'll be in hell where all your marijuana won't buy you a single drink of water!!!"
  4. ^ROFL^

    bet u got it off there really :p

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