Oh crap!

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. i've started talking to myself again, it happens at 2am when im not stoned. its strange :S lol
  2. oh' dr. krapps... into some crap.... drink some nyquill:)

    just tell the voices that your right an they're wrong, lil never stop talking bastads....
  3. there are no voices. i just voice everything i say on here and msn, i type and talk but theres no1 here lol

    im retarded
  4. hmm im planned on being baked tonite so i wont do it lol
  5. i do that too wheneevr im alone i seem to talk out load to myself when i read sometinf i repaeat it
  6. "dont worry im stoned!" the stoner said to the policeman
  7. Last night I was talking to a friend of mine on AIM. He asked me "do you catch yourself talking to yourself when you're stoned?" I said, "I talk to myself when I'm sober. Of coruse I talk to myself when I'm stoned!"

    I scare myself sometimes when I think about (or talk to myself about) how much I actually talk to myself. Hehe. I guess I'm my own best friend. :) We already know I'm my own lover. ;)
  8. One time I got really baked on some good weed and wandered my room for 5 min trying to find my car keys. I noticed after a few min that I was saying everything that was going through my head, very weird.

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