OH CRAP, wheres my pipe?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dragon313, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Has anyone lost their pipe while they were smoking?

    I hate it soOO!OO!O!O much, didnt happen today but I just remided myself because I lost it for like 5 sec not same thing as like 20 min

    But I remember once I did it and I ran all over my room hardcore, then I realized I put it away already lol.

    But man your heart drops ya know.

    anyone else. or anyone else get caught this way?
  2. I was smokin like a month ago and like mid tokin I realized I was super stoney but couldnt find my pipe at all.

    I found it the next day in the couch cushion with half a bowl left.
  3. I keep my faculties about me when I'm stoned, so not really. but I've watched people trip balls and search for it when I had it in my hand the whole time. I should talk more.
  4. I was smoking with my cousin and he had bought a wooden pipe with a HUGE bowl that day. He filled it took one hit and I fell asleep, then he woke me up 10 minutes later and tells me he lost it, with ONE hit taken out of it. Luckily he found 3 days later, under his recliner, and we were so happy since we had no weed before we found it.

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