Oh Christmas Bong, Oh Christmas Bong!

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  1. Please help me find a water pipe for one of my best friends for Christmas!

    I've browsed through so many websites, but I can't seem to find the variety I thought there would be. Specifically I'm looking for something Rastafarian or Bob Marley related. It needs to be 16"+ and no more than $120. And don't say that I would need to spend more money because that's not necessarily true.

    I've already tried these websites....
    Grasscity (of course)
    and quite a few more.....

    Please help!
  2. what about GC, the site you're on?

  3. 404 Error! :(
  4. hmm, just google the name then and it should show up.
  5. etsy is good too

  6. not great for buying tubes
  7. edit

    I'd expect some long waiting time around this time of the year though
  8. Dam I wish I had a friend like you lol
  9. I really did like the site, but I couldnt find what I was looking for.

    I'm looking into the one NeGeV mentioned but I was looking for something a little more colorful and elaborate.

    Example: Rasta Lazy Boy Water Pipe

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